808 Intricate at Wekfest 2011

Kevin testing his bags.

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A day in the life wit the strictly s crew
bagging the rado

Hella Flush Hawaii 2011

Hellaflush Hawaii 2011
I dont own the song, a friend of mine suggested it to me. sorry for the bad quality i didnt have my sony hd camera with me so i had to take footage with a friend of mines flip camera. i would of done a better job if i had my camera with me but other then that i had to use what i had. Much thanks to everyone there specially hellaflush, illest, fatlace,slammed society, comment rate subscribe. INZANE productions

Almighty truck Cruz 14'
Almighty Truck Cruz with some of the boys ! #hawaii #808 #almighty #2014 Follow some of us on Instagram @d21_jus @ryson_Luke @kiaanax3_