808 Intricate at Wekfest 2011

Kevin testing his bags.

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Wekfest Hawaii 2011 12/4/11 Team O.O.F
Team O.O.F. No haters, we don't hate its all about spreading aloha! Mahalo Song: Cornelius - Star Fruit Surf Rider P.S. First video made and edited.

Hellaflush Hawaii 2011
I dont own the song, a friend of mine suggested it to me. sorry for the bad quality i didnt have my sony hd camera with me so i had to take footage with a friend of mines flip camera. i would of done a better job if i had my camera with me but other then that i had to use what i had. Much thanks to everyone there specially hellaflush, illest, fatlace,slammed society, comment rate subscribe. INZANE productions

Wekfest Hawaii 2011.
Team OOF presents..... please like subscribe! well do the same to you ofcourse!! no hate on here, just enjoy the vid and comment below! thnk you

Hawaii's Lifted & Slammed Trucks