BMW E38 7 series unlocking the car with the key with a flat battery

unlocking the car when the battery is flat

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BMW E38 boot unlock procedure - keys locked in boot (UK version)
The boot unlock procedure for UK version of E38 (pre facelift, but I imagine post facelift would be the same). This gets you into the boot, but you can't get into the main cabin from the boot. Very handy if, like me, you just stupidly locked your keys in the boot (it can happen!) Inspired by version for US cars here

2001 BMW 740i key locked in trunk SOLUTION!!!! ( How to open trunk )
here is a quick guide on how to recover your keys from the trunk of any BMW E38 if the car is locked and you dont want to pay hundreds of dollars to the dealer or locksmith to open. It took me about 10 minutes!!! All you need is a drill, screwdriver, hanger, pliers, and ruler.

Good Bye E38
1997 BMW 740iL E38 with an M62 engine. Now that I can disassemble the engine and transmission, diagnose any problem, fix anything on the car, I sold the Bimmer and bought a 2006 Mercedes S430 with 26,000 miles.

How to unlock hidden menu in BMW E38 & Range Rover OBC (on-board computer service mode)
Hidden menu (service mode) in BMW 7-series (E38) & Range Rover III (2002-2004) on-board computer gives you access to coolant temperature, fuel consumption, battery voltage, oil temperature and menu more useful information. You can also trigger test modes for gauges (speedometer needle sweep and cluster bulb test), chime and adjust the average fuel economy readout. Simply turn on the ignition, press and hold button on the right of dashboard OBC, enter TEST NR. 1 and add up 6 digits (this is part of your VIN), then navigate to TEST NR. 19 and enter summed number. After you confirm the value, you have full access to this hidden factory mode. Full description available at Music by Dan-O at