mounting 44 swamper mud tire on 21" wide rim v1

mounting mud tires for my jeep on the rims with starting fluid

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tire mounting with fire
mounting a 44x18 super swamper on a 21" wide rim with starting fluid

Conserto de pneu do quadriciclo sem tirar do local
Trilha de quadriciclo em Barra Velha SC. Grupo do Quadriclube Joinville faz manutenção em trilha . Eita grupo unido...rsrsrssr

630B Scraper Tire Maintenance [HD 1080p]
The seal around the tire would not contain the air properly so we jacked up the scraper to get equal pressure around the o-ring.

How not to inflate a tyre!
The only way to get the tyres on the Outbak was with the aid of gas and matches. Not recommended for the faint hearted!!! как не раздувать шину