Subaru STI Attempting to pull out a Toyota Tundra that was stuck at Hollister Hills till rope broke

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Buying a Used WRX: Common Problems
Today I will be making a howto guide on how to buy a WRX. With many problems soon after my purchase, I thought some people would appreciate some tips and stuff to look for when purchasing one. #1 how to look for head gasket failure #2 looking for oil leak in valve cover #3 bad struts #4 belt squeaks (serpentine, AC, Timing belt) #5 Balanced idle and drive. Rob: 2004 Subaru WRX Colin: 2009 Subaru WRX

Subaru Impreza pulling Nissan Primera at Sand

Tug of War ! 98 Grand cherokee vs 08 Subaru vs 01 Jeep TJ vs SidebySide
little bit of fun today after work decided to do some tug of wars with what ever was around haha

[HOONIGAN] Club Days - WRX STI vs DuraMAX Hoonigan Club Days - Supporting the automotive culture by offering up Hoonigan’s Headquarters, the Donut Garage, for events, gatherings and, of coarse, a bit of automotive debauchery. Kicking off the first of many Club Days, we invited our local Subaru friends to come kick it. Some seriously rad builds, along with great people, showed up. We are looking forward to the next, enjoy!