Kev's RS6 Turbo B5 Audi S4

Kev's ASP custom RS6 turbo S4. Puts down 465whp/492wtq on 93 and 507whp/534wtq on 109.

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Bonedoc Homebrew Stg 3 S4 vs ASP Cust tuned RS6 w built engine
Bonedoc Stage 3 S4 with PJ K04s vs Autospeed Custom tuned RS6 with 2.8L, rods, pistons, cams, p/p heads

rs6 turbo'd s4 vs. ko4 turbo'd s4
both stage 3

623WHP Wicked GT AUDI S4
GT Audi S4 Perliminary Dyno tune. 623WHP/780CHP. 800whp coming soon...stay tuned.

Bigern RS6d S4 Hwy Speed Pulls
Some random bearded fellow we picked up on the street on the way to an uncle's private track immediately next to a public road driving Bigern45's RS6 turbo'd S4. RS6 turbos 3" DPs 4" custom Exhaust cxRacing SMICs (200* IATs) Water Meth, but maxed out (needs larger nozzles) Southbend Stage 4 - 8 Puck Clutch with RS4 Pressure Plate ~25PSI Fully stock block ~470WHP ~480WTQ Lots of short shifting since the guy driving doesn't own the car