Kev's RS6 Turbo B5 Audi S4

Kev's ASP custom RS6 turbo S4. Puts down 465whp/492wtq on 93 and 507whp/534wtq on 109.

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rs6 turbo'd s4 vs. ko4 turbo'd s4
both stage 3

Bonedoc Homebrew Stg 3 S4 vs ASP Cust tuned RS6 w built engine
Bonedoc Stage 3 S4 with PJ K04s vs Autospeed Custom tuned RS6 with 2.8L, rods, pistons, cams, p/p heads

What a savage beast! 730bhp Audi RS6 that is a common daily driver! Amazing car to drive and thoroughly enjoyed my brief time behind the wheel of it. Side Note: Apologies for only one interior camera angle. We had some pretty annoying technical issues with the Go Pros! Twitter: Instagram: The SOL Clothing Range: Subscribe For More:

Bigern RS6d S4 Hwy Speed Pulls
Some random bearded fellow we picked up on the street on the way to an uncle's private track immediately next to a public road driving Bigern45's RS6 turbo'd S4. RS6 turbos 3" DPs 4" custom Exhaust cxRacing SMICs (200* IATs) Water Meth, but maxed out (needs larger nozzles) Southbend Stage 4 - 8 Puck Clutch with RS4 Pressure Plate ~25PSI Fully stock block ~470WHP ~480WTQ Lots of short shifting since the guy driving doesn't own the car