Ford Capri Drag Race WSID

Ford Capri Drag Race WSID

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Daniel Franklin 1969 Ford Capri HighRPM Ride Along
We go for a ride with Daniel Franklin's 390 powered 1969 Capri at the Hidden Valley Drag Strip's track champs round 5. For more images from this event go to : Hidden Valley Drag Racing, Daniel Franklin, HighRPM, Capri, V8, Darwin Drag Racing, Darwin, Drag Racing, Drag Strip, Race Car

MINCER Tristan Ockers pro street blown ford capri APSA Thirlmere Fryers
Tristan Ockers's Ford Capri MINCER racing at Sydney Dragway Incar

Ford Capri 3.5 V6 Cosworth // Ex- Niki Lauda Monster
Portuguese Hillclimb Racing driver António Nogueira used on selected events a unique unit of the 70´s Ford Endurance Racer. A 500+Hp/9.000Rpm Cosworth V6 powered Capri that was once raced by none other than former Formula 1 Champion Niki Lauda and of which only four units were built in total by Ford in order to be used on the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Enjoy the Mechanical Symphony of this #HillclimbMonster

DRAG RACE SYROS 2012 ford capri by DYNO RACE paros