2008 Toyota Tundra 5.7 Liter Custom True Dual System with Flowmaster By Kinney's

2008 Toyota Tundra with a true dual system. This system features a Flowmaster crossflow two inlet, two outlet muffler that is "tuned" internally to provide perfect backpressure and equalize the Exhaust system. This muffler eliminates the need for two mufflers and "H" or "X" pipes. This cuts down on both cost and additional weight. 14 to 16 horse power and another mile per gallon wont hurt your feelings either! Hear and see more Tundra Exhaust systems on this you tube channel. Visit kinneysmufflershop.com to see why we are the very best in custom performance Exhaust!

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2006 Charger R/T Kinney' custom performance exhaust system with Flowmaster 40 series.
2006 Dodge Charger with a custom dual system featuring Flowmaster 40 series mufflers, 2.50 tailpipes and 4 inch "Viper" stainless steel tips. This complete custom system by Kinney's will announce your Charger into the scene with a rich and deep tone that is sure to turn heads. Kinney's requires your vehicle "in-house" to produce our precise fit and finish. Visit this video channel to compare all of Kinney's awesome custom systems for your Charger or any vehicle! Video and Exhaust fabrication by Kinney's muffler shop. Visit kinneysmufflershop.com to see why we are America's best custom Exhaust center! Like us on Facebook!

2008 Ford F-150 5.4 Limited Custom True Dual System with Flowmaster by Kinney's
2008 F-150 Limited with true dual Exhaust featuring Flowmaster "crossflow" muffler. Gain 15 horses and over a mile per gallon with this awesome true legal dual system! Hear and see more Ford trucks at kinneysmufflershop.com Dallas and Ft. Worth's premier custom Exhaust center. The unique super 40 Flowmaster muffler allows incoming left and right Exhaust streams to merge and balance thus perfectly "tuning" the Exhaust system for maximum torque and horsepower. Yes, one muffler instead of two bulky mufflers and a "H"-pipe or "X" pipe! Kinney's requires your vehicle "in-house" to provide the best fit and finish possible so call today for your appointment! Visit kinneysmufflershop.com to see why we are the nations premier custom Exhaust center! Doing custom Exhaust the right way since 1978! "Like us" on Facebook to stay up to date on the most recent project photo and video uploads of the awesome vehicles we modify!

2009 BMW 335i Twin Turbo Custom Dual Performance Exhaust
2009 BMW 335 i Twin turbo with an Ultimate Custom Dual Exhaust system by Kinney's Muffler Shop. This complete system is fabricated from all 2.50 tubing and features a "hydro-formed" X-pipe. The system consist of a pair of "Street Demon" bullet resonators and Flo~Pro Max rear mufflers. This unique system is nicely finished off with a set of stainless steel 3.50 edge weld tips. The Flo~Pro Max mufflers are a heavy duty strait through performance muffler which promotes a low, deep and smooth tone. Visit Kinneysmufflershop.com to see why Kinney's is Dallas & Ft. Worth's premier Custom Exhaust Center. Visit Flopro.com to learn more about Flo~Pro Max Mufflers. Video courtesy of K.R. Creations.

Toyota Tundra 5.7 Flowmaster Super 44 Custom Duals Exhaust Reving (hear the BEAST)
Now this is a work truck!! This Toyota Tundra 5.7 just got custom duals with a Flowmaster Super 44 now lets hear this BEAST!!! Corey bent it up and George revved it up!! Only at #HotRodScotts.com