1972 turbo VW Bug dyno, 301 RWHP @ 14lbs

2nd pull at 14lbs Boost, made 301 hp at 6300rpm and 255 lbs of torque, clutch is slipping... 2332cc, BG 750 double pumper, T3/T4 turbo. No water meth injection... yet!

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280 HP VW Bug!!
Dyno Session in So-Cal held the day before Bugorama 2009.

Vw 1600 Stock + Turbo (Dyna:85Whp@7psi)
1600 Internals 99% Stock : Fuel I. Pistons and Hidraulics LiftCams !!! OmG!!! Just Scat Spring Valves Garrett T3 A/R .48 + Holley 280cfm Two-Barrels. 73 Whp @ 8 Psi Of Boost (2240 msnm) By ¨Liconash T&P¨ & ¨BFE¨ (By Fast Engineering) A: Diciembre/2009 - Tlalne Edo. Mex.

dan does big wheelie in benco turbo bug, 11.28 and breaks it, benco racing transaxles
Recorded on September 18, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.

Supercharged VW Bug
First start of a supercharged 1972 VW Bug