1972 turbo VW Bug dyno, 301 RWHP @ 14lbs

2nd pull at 14lbs Boost, made 301 hp at 6300rpm and 255 lbs of torque, clutch is slipping... 2332cc, BG 750 double pumper, T3/T4 turbo. No water meth injection... yet!

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1974 Super Beetle with Subaru EJ20 Turbo
Das ist mein 1303 mit EJ20. Genau, alles klar. My 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle. The beast is alive. Fully caged, custom suspension, yada yada yada

280 HP VW Bug!!
Dyno Session in So-Cal held the day before Bugorama 2009.

dan does big wheelie in benco turbo bug, 11.28 and breaks it, benco racing transaxles
Recorded on September 18, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.

Vw 1600 Stock + Turbo (Dyna:85Whp@7psi)
1600 Internals 99% Stock : Fuel I. Pistons and Hidraulics LiftCams !!! OmG!!! Just Scat Spring Valves Garrett T3 A/R .48 + Holley 280cfm Two-Barrels. 73 Whp @ 8 Psi Of Boost (2240 msnm) By ¨Liconash T&P¨ & ¨BFE¨ (By Fast Engineering) A: Diciembre/2009 - Tlalne Edo. Mex.