1996 Dodge Viper GTS for sale with test drive, driving sounds, and walk through video

http://www.flemingsultimategarage.com/1996-dodge-viper-gts-supercharged--c-1476.htm Only 7,469 original miles! One of a kind Heffner Performance built aluminum 8.0 liter V-10 supercharged & intercooled @ 700hp!! 6-speed close ratio trans, fully independent rear w/ ltd slip, mirror finish Viper blue paint w/ white stripes, black leather sport bucket seat interior, 4wheel independent suspension, 4 wheel disc brakes w/ ABS, 18" BBS alloys w/ Michelin hi-speed radials, upgraded aluminum trim interior, alpine digital sound w/ CD + Subwoofer, power windows & locks, full white faced gauges w/ 7K rpm tach & 200 mph speedo, fully adjustable pedal set. Detroit muscle at its very finest - first year for the Viper GTS, a true collectable! http://www.flemingsultimategarage.com/ 301.816.1000

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134921 / 1999 Dodge Viper GTS
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/phjclm6 The best part about buying this brutal Dodge, a car that claimed Viper Magazineؾ*s 2009 Viper of the Year, is the understanding that youؾ*re scoring an improved version of an already great car. Visually, the formula consists of a slick, garaged and trailered body thatؾ*s been limited to roughly 11K miles of sunny day road use. That body was factory-equipped with wet-looking, and predictably named, Viper Black two-stage. That two-stage is a low-key option which, with this much power on tap, definitely plays to the new ownerؾ*s advantage. And naturally, it all adds up to a showroom-fresh classic thatؾ*s free of any notable flaws. Even more outrageous than this coupeؾ*s swoopy bodywork is its 8.0 liter, supercharged V10 that twists 719 rear wheel horsepower into 669 lb./ft. of Ferrari slaying torque. 1 of 19 Vipers to receive $19K in performance upgrades from Heffner Performance of Sarasota, Florida, the car comfortably mixes daily driver manners with track day dominance. At the front of the powdercoated mill, a custom-mounted Paxton Novi 2000 Supercharger jams air into custom-fabricated intake tubes. That air meets fuel under stock heads and enlarged injectors. That rich air/fuel mixture is compressed by a forged, factory-spec internals. Power is optimized by a programmable engine management system that virtually perfects fuel and timing. Thereؾ*s a high-flow air to air Intercooler thatؾ*s complete with ceramic-coated piping. Colder plugs and high quality MoPar Electronic Suppression Cables combine with upgraded fuel and oil lines to ensure adequate spark and circulation. And billet brackets, billet pulleys, billet fuel rails and an aluminum compressor bypass valve add stellar form to everyday function. Behind that mill, youؾ*ll find a virtually spotless chassis that utilizes a Borg Warner T56 6-speed to spin a Dana 44 limited slip around 1,000 horsepower halfshafts and mild, 3.07 gears. That first class drivetrain rolls on a cast, unequal-length control arm suspension which wraps re-valved Konis, Eibach springs and an aggressive street alignment in a 1 (front) and 1.5 (rear) inch lowered stance. Turns come courtesy of factory power steering. Stops are provided by standard, 4-wheel disc brakes. Spent gases roll from factory manifolds to high-flow catalytic converters and stainless, cat-back pipes that were provided by Billy Boat Performance Exhaust. Power spins new iForged Astras, which wear fresh 275/30ZR19 Michelin Pilot Sports in front of fresh 325/25ZR20 Michelin Pilot Sports. And, in case youؾ*re a MoPar purist, the carؾ*s factory Exhaust system is currently available for purchase. Like the cars which inspired it, this Viper features a simple black interior that places an emphasis on performance and usability. Front-and-center, comfy seats wrap perforated leather around molds that are designed to keep you in place during the most spirited driving. Between those seats, an industrial console props a Viper-branded shifter between a leather-wrapped emergency brake and switches for factory power windows. At the front of that carpet, white-face gauges, which include a slightly optimistic 200 MPH speedometer, keep an eye on the big engineؾ*s vitals. And in front of the driver, a leather-wrapped steering wheel features a conservative, Viper-branded airbag cover. This Viper accelerates like an experimental rocket sled! Yet, despite the carؾ*s brute power, itؾ*s easy to drive, comfortable and relatively docile if you can manage to keep your right foot away from the floorboard. Call, click or visit http://RKMotorsCharlotte.com to park it in your garage!

1997 Viper GTS for sale with test drive, driving sounds, and walk through video
http://www.flemingsultimategarage.com Only 15K original miles, rare last year of Viper blue w/ white stripes, custom blue + black leather interior, 8.0 liter aluminum V-10, 6-speed trans, Edelbrock stainless + ceramic coated headers w/ Borla Cat Back Exhaust

132937 / 1996 Dodge Viper GTS
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/7d3sbgg With only 8,657 miles on its odometer, this super clean, first year GTS is a virtual time capsule offers one lucky buyer some serious super car pedigree at a sports car price! This great looking 1996 Viper GTS is a rare and essentially new super car that has been driven just 500 miles a year since it rolled out of Chrysler's Detroit, Michigan manufacturing facility. While its Viper Blue paint isn't as flashy as red, it's every bit as appealing; and, as the first color the GTS body style was ever displayed in, it has become synonymous with the car itself. The finish is, of course, virtually unblemished thanks to expert care since the car was new. And like most 'snakes', this GTS has been a carefully tended toy rather than a daily driver or lethal track weapon. Even more outrageous than this Viper's swoopy bodywork is its 8.3 liter, 488 cubic inch V10 engine which cranks out a Ferrari slaying 450 horsepower, a pavement splitting 490 lb./ft. of torque and makes this Dodge one of the rawest and scariest super cars ever produced! It's virtually impossible to hurt one of these Viper engines as they are notoriously over-engineered and literally assembled for track time combat; and as a result, weekend warriors have been putting insane levels of Boost through stock V10s for years without any difficulties what so ever. And not only do they perform well, they look good too, because Viper engineers knew people would want to see the world's biggest production car engine. With red valve covers, a red fuel rail cover, an exotic looking intake and brushed aluminum Viper graphics, the big engine looks like it would be right at home under the hood of a half-million dollar exotic from Italy, despite being the heart of a heavyweight brawler from Detroit. Underneath the car, you'll find a spotless chassis that's complete with a Borg Warner T56 6-speed manual transmission and an upgraded Dana 44 limited slip differential. That differential tries its best to control the V10s massive torque, but even quick half throttle blips turn the big 335 tires into smoke faster than you can say the letters "GTS". The frame has been reinforced to improve precision and address concerns about cowl shake, and the cast unequal length double A-arm suspension features revised geometry, updated coil overs and factory sway bars to make the Phase II Viper a little more user-friendly. Brakes are massive discs all around, and the second generation Vipers now sport full ABS that makes the most of the cars impressive grip. At the center of the car, the rear-exit Exhaust system I mentioned earlier replaces the RT/10's traditional side pipes with a much improved roar. And at the corners of the car, handsome 17 inch forged alloy wheels spin 275/40 front and 335/35 rear Michelin Pilot Sport performance radials. Like the cars which inspired it, this Viper features a fresh black interior which places an emphasis on simplicity and performance above all else. The seats, which have seen just enough road time to feel comfortable, wrap great looking perforated leather around molds that are designed to keep you in place during the most spirited driving. Between those seats, an industrial console, props a 6-speed shifter between a simple emergency brake handle and switches for the car's power windows. And below those seats, like-new black carpet is protected by blue stitched Viper floor mats. At the front of the car, white-faced gauges, which include a slightly optimistic 220 MPH speedometer, keep an eye on the big engine's vitals. And in front of the driver, a leather wrapped steering wheel features a racy airbag cover that is branded with the Viper logo. At the center of the dash, a horizontal row of auxiliary gauges is the coolest arrangement since the '69 Camaro and its console-mounted units; air conditioning, which is standard equipment, functions as well today as it did when the car was new; and an aftermarket Alpine CD player bumps beats through multiple side and rear mounted speakers. Rest assured, putting a car like this in your garage is about the most fun you can every have when it comes to four wheels! Call, click or visit http://RKMotorsCharlotte.com for more information on this awesome car!

1996 Dodge Viper GTS!
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