The OKC Farmtruck

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JMillerJr76 vs OKC Farmtruck
Backwards track racing. Pretty cool seeing two all steel, full interior full size trucks getting down

The FARM TRUCK! The ultimate sleeper truck Sean's farm truck from midweststreetcars / 405 is one of the a best sleepers out there, this beat up old farm truck really puts down the power with it's Nitrous assisted big block, running into the 10's at the track, and spanking cars on the street! Check out the wheelies it pulls off with some help from PIMP JUICE (his creation)

Farmtruck's New Engine on the Dyno
A few clips of Farmtruck's new power plant on the Dyno. Built at Advanced Engine & Machine, tuned by Marc of Advanced Engine and Robbie Devane of Devane Carburetors. In case the numbers are unclear, the engine made 1150 horsepower with no spray. Be ready for it when they throw the Nitrous to this beast.

Old Truck kickin' Arse
Elk City Oklahoma street races. This truck won almost every race, the copilot was a dog!