CRAZY Exotic Car Traffic at Gas Station!! - 1080p HD

FB: & Ferrari Enzo Ferrari, Porsche RUF, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes AMG. Just a few cars I have filmed during their stop at this gas station at the Nurburgring in Germany. This was during the Scuderia Hanseat 2011. These cars are all filmed in one hour. Unfortunately I couldn't record all cars of the Scuderia Hanseat. Thanks for watching! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­­­­---------------------------

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Fisker Karma - The Sound of a Spaceship! - 1080p HD
FB: & This time I recorded the very rare Fisker Karma. A 100% electric car with 2 x 150 kW, which produce 403hp! The car costs €93.500,00 excl. taxes. The sound is not how the electric Tesla Roadster sounds, but it is more like spaceship from the planet Mars! What do you think of electric cars? And what do you think about the Fisker Karma? Thanks for watching! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----­­­­---------------------------

2x Lamborghini Gallardo Racing on Autobahn!! - 1080p HD
FB: & Yesterday I had a great day during an ''Autobahn Run''. We had a few nice cars together and I participated with my GTI. In this first video you see two black Lamborghini Gallardos, one is totally stock, but the other has a Tubi Exhaust and Testpipes. Thanks to that modification, this Gallardo has a very loud and high sound! I hope you like this video, stay tuned for more Autobahn action!

Chasing the new 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia! Incredible sound!
FB: & Jorrik records the very first Ferrari 458 Italia in the Netherlands!! It just arrived yesterday morning! We drove on a highway in the Netherlands when a Ferrari 348 past us, so we decided to follow it and we came out at Kroymans (Ferrari/Aston Martin/Maserati) in Hilversum. In the garage we saw this great Ferrari 458 Italia, we waited half an hour and than it came out for a little testride! Please watch the whole vid, at the end can you see how incredible fast this new Ferrari is! Please rate and leave a comment about the vid or about the car :) Thanks for watching. Jorrik.

Exotic cars accelerating! F40 360CS Veyron LP640 Spyker
This is probably the best annual car event in the Netherlands. This event is set up 6 years ago when big car lover Maarten van Sten died after the consequences of cancer. Now, every year, people who have cancer can have a realy nice day in an exotic car. Every year the most beautifull cars show up, like: Bugatti Veyron, EB110, F40, LP640, Spyker, 360CS and many more cars. First you see some of the cars arriving at the ''Maarten Memorial'' and they all accelerate very nice. Than you see them accelerating at the circuit of Zandvoort. And after that you will see some nice flyby's! I hope that everybody who was in an exotic car that day had a realy nice day! Make sure you watch on HQ and don't forget to rate and comment! Thanks for watching :) Jorrik. Also check the video responses! Same great event, and same cars but other video's!