Stock Car Crashes at RACEWALL

My compilation of some clips from Eddies 2003 crash collection DVD. Thanks to Eddie Set to some music that seemed to be appropriate.

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Waiting for the hit
Odd Job 266 of the Bears waiting for the hit that he knows must be coming - but when? From the Ringwood UK Open 2013

Racewall Shevil Vs Everyone Cowdenbeath,
Typical sat night @ Racewall

Biggest head-on i've ever seen in bangers
This movie contains the biggest head-on i've ever seen. Between #82 Blindman and # 169 Bert zonder Nek. I believe this was the first and only time Bert zonder Nek drove bangers. (not really sure). The Blue forces "blindman" would have an even narrower escape the next meeting, when he gotty followed in by a huge cadillac from Nutty Nige. This crash was on the world cup in 2000 (meer)

Stock Car Racing Big Crashes and
Some amazing Lucky escapes from Burning Stock Cars and Bangers, Including the Terrible Fire at Cowdenbeath with Chalky White.