June 5 6 2010 In Car Run 6 Tim Schmitt Pacific Raceways Go Pro HD Drag Race Racing

June 5 6 2010 In Car Run 6 Tim Schmitt Pacific Raceways Go Pro HD Drag Race

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2011 NHRA Divisionals @ Pacific Raceways
Here are some videos I took of my favorite cars. A lot of burnouts and some alcohol funny car and dragsters, along with a few nitro harleys. Enjoy!

Scrapyard COD XP - Paintball with GO PRO HD HERO
http://www.facebook.com/theoptichecz http://www.twitter.com/optich3cz Paintballing in real life Scrapyard was AWESOME!

Street Car Drag Racing 7-second 1/4 Mile "In-Car" Video
www.10wideracing.com Sit down, buckle up, and get ready to go from 0-173 mph in less than 8 seconds in the quarter mile!!! Check out www.10wideracing.com Get behind the wheel of a 1,500+ horsepower big block (with a 500 hp nitorus kit) in a 3,500 lb Chevrolet street car for the ride of your life !!! Keep an eye on the tach as it pegs 8,000 rpm !!!

Go Pro Ejected From Race Car During Accident... And Still Works Perfectly!!!
I mounted my Go Pro HD Hero on a race car in a location that could potentially provide some footage of intense racing action. Unfortunately, this location was a little too intense. Some slowing cars in front of the camera car caused a pile up where another driver drove over the right rear of the camera car and took out the rearward facing camera I had mounted. The forward facing camera shows how the other camera flew through the right side window and bounced off the hood of the car and ended up approximately 60 feet from where the accident took place. Miraculously, the camera still works perfectly and all I need is a new rollbar mount. I was very anxious to find my camera and see what happened when the two cars collided, however, the footage on the rear facing camera cut out about 20 seconds before the accident. I believe this is due to the fact that the camera has to process the footage before it is written to the card and my low class SD card could not write fast enough. When I removed the camera from the case the memory card was not fully inserted into the camera and was probably loosened during the contact. I also believe that although the memory card was ejected, the camera never actually shut off as the battery was almost dead when I found the camera the next day and turned it on. It's amazing that this camera stood up to being hit by a car and still works even though the footage did not record. The tire mark on the camera case proves that the camera took one huge hit!