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350Z/G35 Hyperflex Polyurethane Master Bushing Set from Energy Suspension ID9676

2002-09 Nissan 350 Z, 2003-07 Infinity G35 Hyperflex Master Bushing Set includes bushings for front & rear control arm, sway bar, differential, steering rack and sub-frame inserts.


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Smart-Ride Digital Air Suspension Controller from Painless Performance Products ID10396
Digital air suspension control module with smart compressor control, auto leveling with 5 programmable presets. Interacts with height digital height sensors to monitoe air pressure and suspension travel position Visit http://enjoythedrive.com/ for more sema videos

2-10 Wheel TPMS for Truck, Trailer, Bus, RV from Orange Electronic Co. Ltd. ID9211
This multifunction TPMS system has the flexibility to retrofit onto any 2-10 wheel vehicle. Customize the display to any wheel configuration wireless range over 60 ft. Visit http://enjoythedrive.com/ for more sema videos

Speed Dawg Von Hot Rod Signature Shift Knob from Speed Dawg Racing ID8908
These shift knobs are 2-1/4" in diameter and feature a subsurface pinstripe design and signature. Available in three colors. Made in USA. Visit http://enjoythedrive.com/ for more sema videos

Chrylsler 300, Magnum, Charger & Challenger Hyper-Flex Polyurethane Suspension Components ID10226
Chrysler LX platform-300, Magnum, Charger & Challenger Hyper-Flex Polyurethane suspension components application for the front & rear control arm bushings and sway bar bushings.

HOW TO: Installing VW Polyurethane Lower Control Arm Bushings without a Press
2003 VW TDI 1.9L Diesel Lower Control Arm Bushings are Hard to line-up, but with a bolt , some grease and some washers the small one is a breeze. The larger bushing requires force. I used an anvel with a screw type attached vise and an 8" block of 2x4 wood. Once again the grease was the key. For the big bushing you will need helping hands (it is a two person job).

Energy Suspension Commercial

Nissan Solutions: Patented Diff Mount/Removal Tool
Nissan 350Z/370Z or Infiniti G35/G37 or FX35/FX45. Our DF101 can save you over $3200 on labor and hours of your own time. Visit Nissansolutions.com today for more details!!

72130- Infiniti G35/ G37 - Nissan 370 Z - Adjustable Upper Control Arms - Specialty Products Company
These front upper control arms will give you -1 degree to +1.0 degree caster change and up to -2.5 degrees to +2.5 degrees camber change. Simply replace the OE front upper control arms and dial in your suspension angles with our patented sliding ball joint and caster plate. Whether you want to tune your suspension for the ultimate in handling performance, minimize tire wear or easily move back and forth between the two settings, these are the arms to get the job done. Front Adjustment range: Camber: -2.5 degrees to +2.5 degrees Caster: -1.0 degrees to +1.0 degrees Installation time: .6 hr/side Required: 1 kit per axle Applications: Infiniti 2007 & Up G35/G35x Sedan 2009 & Up G37 Sedan 2008 & Up EX35 FWD/AWD 2008 & Up G37 Coupe Nissan 2009 & Up 370Z Patent No. US 7,513,514 B1

How to Install New Subframe Bushings (240sx)
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[How-To] 350Z Rear Camber Arm Install [SPC Ichiba]
Warning: We used the included SPC bolt for extra camber adjustment instead of as a toe bolt, as we nearly maxed out the SPC. This same process can be used to drill out for the toe bolt, as it will be necessary when adjusting camber. Dremel & #115 dremel bit is another effective method of cutting. This Z may need actual fully adjustable toe arms to correct the massive amount of toe-in from pulling out the camber. I may do a follow up video with toe-bolts and arms. This Z has already been modified, you may need to remove your stock Exhaust and some shielding to access these areas. Also it is recommended to cut both sides of the slot if you are bringing it to a novice alignment shop. Imagine a regular joe who can't understand why the bolt won't fully adjust, and putting 150lbs torque on the alignment bolt until things snap. SPC is much better than Ichiba, however Ichiba lasted on this slammed Z for 1 year with no real issues. (Bushings looked great)

Squeaking poly bushings
Proof that polygraphite bushings will squeak.

Nissan 350z Coilover Suspension Fitting Guide How To. (Z33) HSD DualTech.
We fitted a set of HSD DualTech Coilovers to a Z33 Nissan 350z. These are the more affordable HSD kit at £500 available from driftworks.com. It's one hell of a kit for the money, and the car rides superbly. There is also an even better HSD MonoPro kit that uses Monotube dampers and a full coilover rear strut available from Driftworks..

G35/350z front suspension install
Part of a DIY to install the front suspension on a G35 or 350Z.

Redneck bushing press
Didn't have a press to put the new bushings on the lower control arms of a 328i.. So we got creative.

Nolathane - Fitting Tip - dos and donts of bushing lubrication
A short video explaining the correct application of the supplied Nolathane lubricant on the working faces of the Nolathane suspension bushing. More important are the tips on the incorrect application of grease which may surprise some installers. Make sure to take note of the new knurling designs which are proven in field tests to efficiently manage friction, heat build up and most importantly squeaking of your installed bushings. For more information or to search product for your vehicle check out the website @ www.nolathane.com.au or join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nolathane

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