Mazda rx7

1982 mazda rx7. series 5 13b street port, full RB street race Exhaust, weber 48 ida, rats nest removed

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Weber 48 IDA set up with a modified 2nd Gen distributor, 2 x MSD-6AL and 2 x NISSAN ignition coils..
Testing a carbureted!! TII Engine... Check it out!!! Any comments???

91 Mazda RX7 w Pineapple Streetport *For Sale as of 9/10/2010*
91 Mazda RX7 w Pineapple Streetport engine and many more mods FOR SALE...MUST SELL e-mail for more detailed information

First startup
The first startup on my motor.

RX-7 First Start 13B 6 port 48 IDA
Well, technically second start of my 85 GSLSE. Didn't expect it to just "kick on" like that. 87 6port engine, stock porting, with 48 IDA, Racing Beat header, FC front subframe and suspension, miata geared transmission. And other crap. Exhaust sounds disappointingly metallic. Only took two minutes to make me smell like burning premix...