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32v T-Bard Burnout

Mark VIII powered Thunderbird, backed by 4.10s and a J-Modded 4R70W.


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Ok, finally she's running. The FORDSVTBIRD is alive! See attachment..I think the sound speaks for itself. Not sure how much it'll be, but it sure sounds like a lot! I still have to get a Dyno tune and Exhaust. Key points: No Exhaust, just the Kooks headers 1 7/8 into 3in. collectors. RPM is around 1600-1800 during the sound clip.

Finishing off some crappy tires

98 Mark VIII LSC Cobra Intake Manifold Sound
Sound clip of me snapping the throttle after doing the Cobra Intake Manifold Swap. Has Shortened runners and C&L Intake.

ford thunderbird (calabria)
thunderbirds y cougar.

97 Thunderbird Sport 0-60 pull
Mods- Mufflers replaced with cherry bomb glasspacks J-modded 4R70W tranny Air silencer removed K&N panel filter

94 thunderbird supercoupe
1994 Thunderbird SC 5.0 Cobra project car. We picked up this car last year and it had a blown 3.8 supercharged 6 cylinder engine. We decided a nice 5.0 should take up residence in between the shock towers and built a 5.0 with fresh GT 40 iron heads, e303 camshaft installed 2 degree's advanced with a frpp multi index timing chain. Up top we used a 95 Cobra intake and a 65mm throttle body to handle the induction chores. Engine managment is controlled by a WH4O pcm from a 95 Mustang GT. The engine harness is a 93 mn 12 and the body harness is 94 sc. We had to repin the engine harness to handle the 4R70W electronic transmission. To use this 2000 4r70w tranny we changed over the transmission harness and solenoids to the early style to work with the Mustang pcm. The torque converter is a 9.5" 3000 rpm stall lock up converter from ATS and the trans also has the infamous J-MOD done to the seperator plate for lightning fast shifts and added transmission life. The rear carrier has been rebuilt with 3.73 gears and traction lock. Watch for this car at shows and at Castrol Raceway near Edmonton AB.

10 sec T-bird SC
10 Second Pass at the Super Coupe shootout held in September of 07. Kevin Leitham runs a new personal best!!!

CTS-V vs Fox vs LS1 vs Lightning vs Viper

Complete 4R70W Transmission Subassembly.
This is a complete video of the Sub-assembly of a 4R70W Transmission. Be sure to check out my videos for the Tear-down and Assembly of the 4R70W videos. Teardown - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCPJW0fmnK8 Assembly - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBZhr5iHzt8

Ford Thunderbird SVE
This is video that I took from the 1997 Hot Rod Power Tour.

Thunderbird with DOHC Cobra motor NA setup. Peak RWHP 346 without TC locking up. First Dyno tune with new motor setup. Specs: Bored .020, milled heads, Comp Cams XE278, flat top Manley's, H beam Manley rods, ported Navigator heads, 4.30's out back, 4R70W trans, custom 3in. stainless Exhaust with Borla XR-1's 12in. side Exhaust. Tuned by Jon Lund at JPC in Glen Burnie, MD.

32v swapped thunderbird
1997 thunderbird with a 1998 lincoln mark VIII engine swapped in...currently on stock tune with custom dual Exhaust and emissions delete...cobra topswap,75 dryshot, 410 gears and then a tune and the car will be done, also some bodywork at the end...

1990 Ford Thunderbird SC Dyno
Nov 07 Dyno after a 2 1/2 year pain in the ass rebuild...lot of mods from supercoupeperformance.com and magnumpowers.com

Performance valvebody kit installation instructions

Terminator Cobra Swap Thunderbird Supercoupe
Supercharged DOHC 4.6L Terminator Cobra Swap from 2003 Cobra into a 1995 Thunderbird Supercoupe. Mikes Frankenstein monster, very near completion.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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