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Dual Engine Triumph 'Double Vision' Dyno Pulls - Lowbrow Customs Land Speed Racing

A video of some Dyno pulls on my dual engine 1955 Triumph, 'Double Vision'. The primary cover is removed so we can check the drive train, everything looks fine, though the rear chain stretched during the Dyno time, which is why it is loose in this video. Currently en route to Bonneville Speed Week 2012, I start racing this bike for the first time on Saturday. Stay tuned to www.lowbrowcustoms.com and www.facebook.com/lowbrowcustoms for up to date photos and race results!


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The Rod Shop's "Wingin' It" Lakester - Bonneville 2012
The Rod Shop's XF/GL Lakester at Bonneville Speedweek 2012: New car, rookie driver, 160.113 best time.

First Time Starting Dual Engine pre unit Triumph Land Speed Race Bike Lowbrow Customs
This is a quick video capturing the first time I started up Double Vision, my dual engine 1955 Triumph pre unit land speed bike. I am racing this motorcycle at Bonneville Speed Week 2012. For more info and to see race results after August 2012 check out www.lowbrowcustoms.com or www.facebook.com/lowbrowcustoms

Vintage Double Engine Triumph Drag Bike @ Eddyvill
First time the ol' drag bike has been down the drag strip in close to 40 years!

Ray Law Double Triumph Wroughton 10/6/2012

Double Vision Dual Engine Triumph Off the Line at Bonneville Speed Week 2012
Double Vision a.k.a. The Milwaukee Murderer (dual engine 1955 Triumph land speed bike) and myself at the line at Bonneville Speed Week 2012. Set one record this year in the 1350 c.c. A-VF class despite clutch slip issues. Will be back 2013 at Speed Week, and at the Ohio Mile to set some more records. Stay up to date at www.lowbrowcustoms.com and www.facebook.com/lowbrowcustoms

Vintage Double Engine Triumph Drag Bike
Video of Dad and I starting up his Double Engine Triumph Drag Bike that hadn't been started since 1973! Bike was built in Wichita, KS and rode in its hay day by Jim Every. Feel free to add more info and or comments about this great piece of motorcycle history!

Nostalgia Triumph Dragbike Excalibur Nth Nats 11.87 sec record
This is the run that set the new B/PCB record for pushrod competition bikes up to 1000cc, naturally aspirated. Fram dragstrip 6Feb2011. Two years later, in March 2013, this vintage Bonneville named Excalibur run another record pace of 10.98 @ 119mph. See my profile for the full story on my blog.

First time starting Kyle's 1967 Triumph Land Speed Race bik
Here is a quick video showing the first time firing up my 1967 Triumph Bonneville land speed bike. I will be racing this at Bonneville Speed Week 2012. For more info check out www.facebook.com/lowbrowcustoms

1948 Indian Chief motorcycle comes back to life after 40 years
Old Indian motorcycles never die as this one demonstrates. Brought back to life after 40 years at Kiwi Motorcycles Riverside California 2010, this 1948 classic ticks over like a vintage clock. http://www.kiwiindian.com

Dual Engine Pre Unit Triumph Race Bike Primary
Here is a quick video showing the primary and linked motors on my dual engine 1955 Triumph land speed race bike while idling, and then revving it a bit. For those who may have interest in it. Stay tuned to my race efforts at Bonneville Speed Week 2012 THIS WEEK (!!!) at www.lowbrowcustoms.com and www.facebook.com/lowbrowcustoms

Bonneville Speed Week, Day 1, Part 1 of 4
Took a trip to Bonneville Speed Week with some friends, these videos were taken on our first day there. Featuring a walk through the pit area and we spent some time watching the action at the starting area of the long run tracks. Videos were shot on Saturday, August 11th 2012.

1955 Triumph Land Speed Race Bike Dyno Run
Took my 1955 Triumph ironhead pre unit to Northern Ohio Ducati Triumph in Akron, Ohio (http://northernohioducatiandtriumph.com/) for some Dyno testing in preparation for Bonneville Speed Week 2011 which starts next weekend. Learned quite a bit, it was a blast, and I would rather have a couple small parts rattle loose on the Dyno than on the salt flats! Watch the rear chain, under deceleration and between gears especially it has quite a whip to it, under power straight as an arrow. The bike also pulls into a real low squat under heavy load. Keep an eye on our site for up to the minute updates on our race efforts during Bonneville Speed Week http://www.lowbrowcustoms.com

Triumph Drag Bike popping a wheelie at Eddyville, IA Raceway Park
My buddy Wayne " I can't drive 55" Skinner riding his vintage triumph drag bike at Eddyville Raceway Park on Aug. 25, 2012! Besure and check out the National Vintage Motorcycle Drag Racing Association on the web at: http://www.vintagedragbikeracing.com Or on facebook and be sure to "like" them at: http://www.facebook.com/vintagedragbikeracing

'59 Panhead Chopper First Time Starting / Riding
Just got my '59 Panhead up and running today.. Here is some video of the attempted first start, tweaking with the carbs, getting it fired up and also a quick cell phone video clip of me coming back from the first test ride. Dual Amal carburetors, keeping with my Triumph heritage. Oh yeah, and be sure to wear boat shoes when you need to kick over your bike, the non-slip sole is awesome to keep your foot from slipping off the kicker pedal, and they look dope. More at www.lowbrowcustoms.com

Class 6 - 500cc Racing 8.87 Record Dave Houghton ELVINGTON

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