Lionel Soo Line Train Set from Menards

Here's my latest acquisition to my O scale train fleet - Lionel's Soo Line freight train set made exclusively for Menards, a midwestern home improvement chain, during the 2010 Christmas season. This set is a WINNER! It has an RS3 locomotive, a flatcar with a Menards truck trailer, a Soo Line 4-bay coal hopper car, and a Soo Line boxcar with a flashing E-O-T device on one end, which I thought was a nice touch. The RS3 locomotive featurs a nice horn which is an actual diesel horn recording, rather than the shrill, tone-like horns on older engines that I was expecting on this one. I was pleasantly surprised! The set came with a small oval of FasTrack as well as a "PowerMax" transformer (which as far as I can tell is like a CW-80 except it is only 40 watts and doesn't have an extra port for accessories), and a Menards billboard with two different advertisements. The set costs $300 but I paid $230 since the set is on sale until December 5th. I think this could be the best "Menards exclusive" train sets Lionel has made to date. It's not SUPER high quality or anything (the RS3 has only one motor, plastic frame and plastic handrails, for instance) but for what it is it's perfect. I love it!

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This video features several days of railfanning in February 2017 along the railroad tracks in Ottumwa, Iowa. Across town at many different spots, you'll see trains on both BNSF and Canadian Pacific, as well as Amtrak's California Zephyr. A combination of normal winter weather, plus other days of unusually mild temperatures, made this February wild and wacky. Narration and captions compliment all the trains you'll see in the program. A complete list of what you'll see, in order: 1) Amtrak 6, eastbound California Zephyr arriving at the Ottumwa station. P42DC's 151 and 90 for power. 2) CP 475, northbound mixed freight train at W. Second St. CP 9833 (AC4400CW), NS 9279 (Dash 9-44CW), CP 9647 (AC4400CW, DPU) 3) BNSF 664, eastbound local freight at Gateway Drive. Powered by BNSF 2013 (GP38-2), BNSF 2540 (GP39-2), and BNSF 2026 (GP38-2) 4) BNSF westbound empty coal train at Clay Street. BNSF 5987 (ES44AC), BNSF 8478 (SD70ACe), BNSF 6307 (ES44AC). 5) BNSF eastbound coal train at Gateway Drive/Amtrak station. BNSF 5800 (ES44AC), BNSF 5657 (AC4400CW), BNSF 5887 (ES44AC), BNSF 5777 (ES44AC, DPU). 6) BNSF eastbound coal train at Green Street. BNSF 6295 (ES44AC), BNSF 9258 (SD70ACe), BNSF 6333 (ES44AC, DPU). 7) BNSF westbound empty coal train at McLean Street. BNSF 9078 (SD70ACe), BNSF 9319 (SD70ACe), with CSXT 8596 (SD50-2) and CSXT 8592 (SD50-2). 8) CP 822, northbound coal train at Lawler East/W Second Street. Powered by BNSF 6426 (ES44AC), BNSF 6238 (ES44AC), BNSF 5775 (ES44AC, DPU Mid-train), BNSF 8542 (SD70ACe, DPU Mid-train), BNSF 9395 (SD70ACe, DPU) BNSF 5904 (ES44AC, DPU). 9) BNSF LINGAL, eastbound mixed freight train at McLean Street. BNSF 7078 (ES44C4), BNSF 7081 (ES44C4). 10) CP 677, southbound [soon-to-be northbound] empty sand train at Quincy Avenue. Led by BNSF 6344 (ES44AC) and UP 6680 (AC4400CW). 11) BNSF GALLIN, westbound mixed freight train at Gateway Drive. BNSF 5293 (Dash 9-44CW), BNSF 9297 (SD70ACe). 12) Amtrak 6, eastbound California Zephyr at Iowa Avenue. Led by P42DC's 174, 81, and 203. 13) BNSF westbound empty coal train at Iowa Avenue. BNSF 5824 (ES44AC), BNSF 5910 (ES44AC), BNSF 9302 (SD70ACe, DPU) 14) BNSF LINGAL, eastbound mixed freight train at Gateway Drive. Powered by BNSF 8392 (ES44C4) and BNSF 3857 (ET44C4). Also in lashup, BNSF 1871 (SD40-2) and BNSF 1796 (SD40-2). 15) CP 474, southbound mixed freight train at Quincy Avenue. CP 6246 (SD60), CP 8739 (ES44AC), CP 8881 (ES44AC). This is kind of a new twist on my frequent Ottumwa uploads that I've made in the past. I thought it might be a little more enjoyable to have a lot of my best shots combined into one video presented in a more polished-off, production-quality way. I hope you enjoy it! My goal is to start putting out many new programs such as this frequently, which will also include other towns. Albia, Fort Madison, and Burlington, Iowa, plus Hannibal, Missouri are on this list, so stay tuned for more! If you liked this video be sure to subscribe for notifications of all my latest uploads: Also, follow my Facebook page: Copyright © 2017 Bobby Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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