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Lionel Soo Line Train Set from Menards

Here's my latest acquisition to my O scale train fleet - Lionel's Soo Line freight train set made exclusively for Menards, a midwestern home improvement chain, during the 2010 Christmas season. This set is a WINNER! It has an RS3 locomotive, a flatcar with a Menards truck trailer, a Soo Line 4-bay coal hopper car, and a Soo Line boxcar with a flashing E-O-T device on one end, which I thought was a nice touch. The RS3 locomotive featurs a nice horn which is an actual diesel horn recording, rather than the shrill, tone-like horns on older engines that I was expecting on this one. I was pleasantly surprised! The set came with a small oval of FasTrack as well as a "PowerMax" transformer (which as far as I can tell is like a CW-80 except it is only 40 watts and doesn't have an extra port for accessories), and a Menards billboard with two different advertisements. The set costs $300 but I paid $230 since the set is on sale until December 5th. I think this could be the best "Menards exclusive" train sets Lionel has made to date. It's not SUPER high quality or anything (the RS3 has only one motor, plastic frame and plastic handrails, for instance) but for what it is it's perfect. I love it!


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Lionel SD80MAC on my Christmas layout
Here's some video I shot of my O scale train layout around the Christmas tree in 2008. Running on the layout is my Lionel LionMaster SD80MAC in Norfolk Southern livery, #7203. The loco features Lionel RailSounds and TrainMaster Command Control. The consist features both Lionel and MTH scale freight cars, five of which were included with the locomotive in Lionel's "Black Diamond Freight" set of 2005.

Lionel Trains - A Postwar Celebration - Volume 2
I decided to make a few videos featuring all of my Postwar Lionel collection. 90% of the trains in the video are original postwar. The rest are Lionel Conventional Classics that have been issued in the last few years. Should be about 5 chapters when complete. Enjoy the Trains! You can almost smell the ozone & smoke pellets! Engines is this video are - 2343 - Santa Fe F3 - 1951 2350 - New Haven EP5 - 1956 2065 Hudson - 1956 613 - UP NW2 1958 (cc reissue - 2010) 2046 - Hudson - 1952 (cc reissue - 2009) 628 - NP 44 Tonner - 1957 2332 - PRR GG1 - 1948 (cc reissue - 2008) 2344 - NYC F3 - 1951 (cc reissue - 2009) 1062 - 2-4-2 Steam Engine - 1963 2331 - Virginian FM - 1955 ( cc reissue - 2008) 2055 - Hudson - 1956

Soo Line RS3 Diesel train set from Menards and Soo Line PS-2-CD 4427 3-Bay Hopper from Lionel
LIONEL Soo Line RS3 Diesel train set exlusively from Menards This attractive, limited edition O Gauge train set features: A Soo Line ALCo RS3 Diesel-Electric Locomotive A Soo Line 4-Bay Open-Top Hopper with coal load A Soo Line Flat Car with a Menards Trailer A Soo Line Boxcar with an End-Of-Train device that has a flashing red light. The Lionel Standard O Scale SOO LINE PS-2-CD 4427 3-Bay Covered Hopper is decorated in the original scheme on covered hoppers built and delivered in 1964. The trains race past a feed mill with corrugated sidings, concrete grain silos, and a small town with grade crossings. The big city skyscrapers are in the distance as the trains round the curve and pass a lumber spur. All of the real Soo Line ALCo RS3 Diesel Locomotives were retired by 1974,

Lionel - Trains in Action
This video highlights some of the spectacular and amazing Lionel sets, locomotives, freight cars, operating cars, passenger cars, accessories, and tracks available. You will see a large variety of Lionel trains in action. From the sounds of the different trains to the intricate details of different environments, you will enjoy seeing all of the possibilities that Lionel has to offer!

The SOO Line: A Compilation of the Dying Railroad [HD]
The Soo Line Railroad is the primary United States railroad subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railway, controlled through the Soo Line Corporation, and one of seven U.S. Class I railroads. Although it is named for the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railroad (MStP&SSM), which was commonly known as the Soo Line after the phonetic spelling of Sault, it was formed in 1961 by the consolidation of that company with two other CP subsidiaries, the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railroad and Wisconsin Central Railroad. It is also the successor to other Class I railroads, including the Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern Railway (acquired 1982) and Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad (Milwaukee Road, acquired at bankruptcy in 1985). On the other hand, a large amount of mileage was spun off in 1987 to Wisconsin Central Ltd., now part of the Canadian National Railway. The Soo Line and the Delaware and Hudson Railway, the CP's other major subsidiary (before the 2008 DM&E acquisition), presently do business as the Canadian Pacific Railway. However, because of CP's rebuild program, most SOO Line equipment has been repainted to CP's scheme. This video compilation was created to show the variety of SOO Line locomotives which have become a dying breed. [Watch in HD for the best viewing experience]. LRF Video Productions.

Burlington Northern SD45 Diesel and Extended-Vision Caboose roll swiftly through the Midwest
The Burlington Northern SD45 Diesel-Electric Locomotive and Extended-Vision Caboose roll quickly thorough the scenery similar to that of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The O Gauge BN SD45 was made by Williams Trains, also called Williams by Bachmann. The O Scale BN Extended-Vision Caboose was made by Atlas O. The buildings and grain bins are made by Walthers. The quonset hut was made by Lionel. The Barn and small silo are made by Ertl. The Large Silo is from New Ray. The crossing signals were made by M.T.H.. The Bridge is a modified Atlas O bridge kit. The fisherman on the trestle was made by K-Line Trains. If you look closely notice the Soo Line cars made by M.T.H.

Lionel American Fire and Rescue Train Set from TRAINZ.COM
Check out the new Lionel American Fire and Rescue 6-30108 Train Set available from TRAINZ.COM. This O Gauge set comes with four cars, transformer and twelve sections of fast track. At Trainz, we are dedicated to being the very best source for your model train hobby needs. Not only do we have the most complete and up-to-date selection of sets, parts and accessories - over 20,000 products on our website - we also have an extensive store set up on eBay. We buy vintage trains and we have real people ready to talk to you at 866-234-1800. Check us out on Our website http://www.trainz.com/ eBay http://stores.ebay.com/Trainz YouTube http://www.youtube.com/trainzstore

Polar Express Christmas 2011
My carpet layout has undergone several changes since my PE video last Christmas. Most notable is I now have an O-60 loop inside an O-72 loop. There are a couple sidings with operating accessories. I show some of these in this video. I hope you all enjoy this. Lionel scale Polar Express PM 1225 and Polar Express Tender. Atlas RPO custom painted by Jeff Sohn. K-Line Operating Milk Car painted by me. Lionel scale Polar Express passenger coach and observation car. The observation car went through a heavy modification...done by me. I airbrushed all roofs with Floquil Graphite then used Doc O'Brien's weathering powder to simulate wind blown snow. Copy and paste the following to see a how-to on Winter weathering my passenger cars... http://www.ogaugehobbyist.com/wp/forum/forum-3rail/project-snow-on-my-polar -express-passenger-car-roofs/

CP freight trains in Ottumwa, IA area, August 2013
This is the second episode from my program "Along the DM&E", second season, "Ottumwa Action and Chase to Mystic". This episode was filmed on a single day in Ottumwa, Iowa and surrounding towns on August 3rd, 2013, and features four separate trains on the Canadian Pacific at different spots around town. We'll see a coal train pull into the CP yard and depart Ottumwa as it runs through the interchange track onto the BNSF. Normal manifest freights 271 and 270 take turns running up and down Rutledge Hill as we watch at Lawler. And we'll see train 2-270 arrive in the yards and begin running southward on the Laredo Subdivision, catching it three times before sunset in Mystic, IA. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/everywherewest And follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bobbyharveyvideo Copyright © 2015 by Bobby Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

RARE!!!!! MILW unit switches midwest!
NOTE: just enjoy the video. this line is used once a week, thats the rare part. another thing. its just cool to see a old MILW unit. SOO EX MILW GP40 CP EX SOO GP39-2

Winter on the CP in Ottumwa, IA 2013-2014
This is the third episode from my program, "Along the DM&E", second season, "Winter in Ottumwa: 2013-2014". This episode features Canadian Pacific freight trains I captured during the winter in Ottumwa, Iowa, from December 2013 to February 2014. I caught the trains at various spots around town, including the north end of the yard at Quincy Avenue, the BNSF diamond at Lawler, Rutledge Hill, mileposts 305 (south of town), 297 (north of town), Caldwell St, W. 2nd St, Harrows Branch trestle, and others. You'll be seeing a variety of freights: mostly the regular manifests 474 and 475, along with a couple coal trains and sand train 693. Locomotives featured in the program range from CP's wide-cabbed GE's, IC&E SD40-2's, and visitors from CSX and BNSF. You'll also see three appearances of a Soo Line SD60. For more episodes from this series, and other train videos from the Midwest, subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/everywherewest Also, follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bobbyharveyvideo Copyright © 2015 by Bobby Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Truck drives around gates in front of Amtrak - Ottumwa, IA 12/27/14
Here's some video I shot of Amtrak's California Zephyr arriving in downtown Ottumwa, Iowa, on December 27th, 2014. I went down to the station to see the train because I heard that another new ACS-64 electric unit was on it, being delivered from Siemens in Sacramento, CA to Washington, DC for use on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. In this video, I'm standing on the west edge of the platform at the Ottumwa station as the train approaches. As an added "bonus", we get to see somebody in a green pickup truck stupidly driving around the gates right in front of the train, which hits the crossing only 20 seconds later. Copyright © 2014 by Bobby Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Lionel New York Central Freight Train Set from TRAINZ.COM
Check out the new Lionel 6-30103 New York Central Freight Train Set from TRAINZ.COM. This O Gauge set comes with four cars, transformer and twelve sections of fast track. At Trainz, we are dedicated to being the very best source for your model train hobby needs. Not only do we have the most complete and up-to-date selection of sets, parts and accessories - over 20,000 products on our website - we also have an extensive store set up on eBay. We buy vintage trains and we have real people ready to talk to you at 866-234-1800. Check us out on Our website http://www.trainz.com/ eBay http://stores.ebay.com/Trainz YouTube http://www.youtube.com/trainzstore


Amtrak Baggage Car 1750 on California Zephyr, Ottumwa, IA 1/11/15
Well folks, I'm afraid the end is near for Amtrak's heritage fleet baggage cars. Starting as early as tomorrow (1/12/15), Amtrak will be downsizing its western long-distance trains for the winter. This includes the elimination of baggage cars on the California Zephyr and Southwest Chief, as well as a reduction in coaches and sleepers, making these trains only 6 cars long. It's possible the trains will operate with a single locomotive as well. While normal passenger consists should resume by March, the baggage cars, some dated well into their 60's, probably won't return, as Amtrak has new Viewliner baggage cars that are about ready to enter service. It'll be neat to see the new equipment, and observe the 'baby' Zephyr and Chief over the next couple months, but I have to say I'll miss the old cars. So tonight, I went down to the station in Ottumwa, Iowa and filmed the Zephyr departing. Behind the engines we see baggage car #1750, originally owned by Santa Fe, and is one of many "1700-series" cars Amtrak converted from heritage fleet coaches. Southeast Iowa received a brief, heavy snowfall this afternoon, and as you can see the train is spattered with wet spots of snow on the sides of the cars. Copyright © 2015 by Bobby Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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