Roush Road Crew Charlotte Motor Speedway 9/29/12 2010 Roush Stage 3 #31 640rwhp

Road Crew Event 9/28/12 Charlotte Motor Speedway Parade Laps in my 2010 640rwhp Roush Stage 3. They kept us at slow speeds but I stretched out 3rd gear a couple of times. The top of 3rd in this car is 120mph so you can see how quick these things are. Think I got to around 105 or 110 a couple of times.

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2010 Roush Stage 3 640rwhp/607rwtq HPJ Draggin Rights Rockingham 11/10/2012
At Rockingham Dragway....blowing off the Mickey Thompson 305/35/20 ET Street Drag Radials in 1st gear!. Need to heat them up a little better. Obviously this car is better than I can drive it. This was my 1st run in this car. 11.7 @ 125 with crappy reaction time .468 and terrible 60 ft time 2.06. With a little practice it should run high 10s or low 11s. Forged factory Roush built 4.6L 3V, dual belt TVS Supercharger, Fastlane Motorsports tune by Caleb Skinner on SCT software, 2.65" terminator pulley, 22lbs of Boost. Snow Performance Methanol injection, Blow By Racing Stage 1 camshafts, FRPP CJ 65mm throttle body, JLT127mm cold air kit, 3.73 frpp gears, Kooks long tube headers, off road x pipe, frpp stingers, spec 2 clutch, aluminum flyhweel and aluminum driveshaft with safety loop, True Forged 20" Chicane wheels, Pretty simple setup on these cars to make them nasty little 3 valve 4.6's!

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Nashville Speedway fun in my 2010 Mustang Roush Stage 3
Not stock...615rwhp and over 600rwtq/ methanol injection, kooks long tube headers off road x pipe, 2.7" pulley, 127mm jLT cold air kit, 65mm cobrajet throttle body, fastlane motorsports custom Dyno tune, aluminum driveshaft and safety loop, stock 3.55 gears, this car shifts @ 1st to 2nd redline is 40mph....2nd to 3rd redline @ 80mph and 3rd to 4th gear redline shifting @ 120 mph. This was my first time on the track and the day was just fun it is what it is. Slippin' and slidin' a bit...hit 140 a few times on the back stretch. A little scary with the turn-wall coming up so fast!

Roush Road Crew Mustangs
The Roush Road Crew on our way to Marengo Cave in Indiana.