06 mustang gt vs. 10 nismo 370z

Bolt on Gt keeping up with 370z, 4 people riding in the Mustang lmao!

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370z Dyno Test Results
http://www.stillen.com/intaketv For product info. and pricing.

370z vs challenger SRT8
2009 Nissan 370z (nismo dual Exhaust, test pipes, 4.08 final drive) 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 (auto)

Bolt-On 370z vs Bolt-On Tuned Mustang GT
Repetitive, short runs in Mexico...

370z vs Mustang GT TWO RUNS.
Mustangs are quick but the 370z was quicker. Much quicker. Mustang: Cherry Bomb Exhaust 370z: Unknown mods.