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Fast VW Fox

1987 VW Fox doing 200


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1.8T Big Turbo VW Fox startup
The VW Fox idling.

VW race FOX
une VW FOX en action

VW Fox vs. Chevy Nova
Serious street racing.

1988 VW Fox, March 2012 + Something Strange
A defective oil filter? Hard to believe... but I'm not sure how else to explain what happened. I sat there waiting for oil pressure to build, but it never did. The moment we switched back to the old filter the engine got to pressure almost instantly. The Wix was returned and replaced by a Bosch which worked as it should. Part numbers were all correct. Oil level was right in the middle of the 'safe' area on the dipstick. 'Man. Some days.

Fiat Tempra Turbo speeding on highway in Brazil (Welcome views from world)
Welcome views from Argentina, Turkey, Arabia, Egypt, Europe... New channel being posted videos ... to subscribe and follow! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrtJ4-tRZ6NUeOpBaYNQF7g

me doing some wanna be rally moves in my 89 VW FOX

VW FOX - MFD navi DX video + audio by AUX / multimedia interface VW /

1993 VW fox dyno
1993 wolfsburg fox Dyno 80.5 HP

Rustie, My 1987 VW Fox
Just messing around with movie maker. The first thing I've done myself. The car is Rustie, my 1987 VW Fox, "offroad edition". You can go head and hate but I love foxs. My 1989 fox is currently getting 37mpg so hate on that! Song is Autobahn by Shorn because youtube is a douchebag and made me change it. The fool in the video is my best friend Kyler. He always is helping me out. I know this is the sux video, but it is my first time and I am just figuring out how to use windows movie maker. If anyone knows of a better program please let me know by leaving a message in the comments below! Thanks! My iVdub page: http://www.ivdub.com/omega2669 Here is the link for Bentley Publisher's VW Fox Service Manual. It is the best manual I have used for any car in my life. http://www.bentleypublishers.com/vw/fox/1987-1993/VW-Fox-1987-1993-Repair-M anual.html

fiat tempra 2.0 16v stock acceleration
fiat tempra 2.0 16v stock acceleration

fox free revving and popping
93 vw fox revving do you here the pops?

Volkswagen Fox Wagon Burnout
Smokin tire with a gutted out fox wagon

Fiat Tempra 2.0 SLX 113 cv - Tangenziale

91 VW Fox at PCA Autocross 9/16/07
For those of you new to autocross, lifting a wheel while autocrossing a VW is completely normal, as demonstrated here by Mr. Lotts

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1987 Volkswagen Fox GL: 13.450 @ 102.000
Mike Ballsich, Engine: b016b, Turbos: twin Tires: kohomo

1990 Volkswagen Fox : 14.970 @ 89.550
scott stair, Engine: 2.0L, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: yoko avs intermediates


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