Quy trình dây chuyền sản xuất LOA rời thương hiệu 18 SOUND (Eighteen Sound)

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D.A.S. Audio Loudspeaker Repair/Reparación de Altavoz
Do you want to know how to recone your loudspeaker? Here is a short tutorial. ¿Quieres aprender a reparar un altavoz? Aquí tienes como hacerlo.

Fabricare difuzor.mpg

Peavey SP4-ti Duel 15" Pro Audio Speakers - Last Run
A recording from the last time I hooked up these beasts knowing I was going to try and sell them as its been two years they have not seen a show, they will now be touring with High Holy Days. made the same year I was born! 1991 :D

First Tests in the New Box
Built a new box at 2.5 cubic feet tuned to 32hz. HUGE SHOUTOUT TO AnythingLoud for designing this box for me!