Turbo Lancer ES

Custom Built by me, Spent $2500 on my own custom kit turbo kit. I have all evo 8 stock parts, and custom built turbo manifold. I have a 2.5" straight pipe exhuast with a magna flow muffler welded on the end of it. I currently running 4-5 psi, with a stock evo 8 turbo. note- I couldnt rev it hardcore because im still in my tuning process with the car, its running rich plus its really hot right now "105 degrees" I no longer have this car but keep the video on here due to alot of questions if you want to know how I did this you can look up my thread here for all the information and problems I ran into to make it work http://www.evolutionm.net/forums/lancer-aftermarket-forced-induction-tech/466214-02-lancer-es-turbo-project.html

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2003 Lancer Es with full srs catback exhaust
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We never went over and speed limits, all the numbers were edited and this video was filmed in Mexico;) MORE RACES TO COME GT-R is stock Evo- GT3571r ball bearing turbo (25 PSI - Mild Boost Settings) Full Exhaust (turbo-Back) BOV HUGE FMIC Cammed Dual Disc Clutch WAY MORE...