1977 Lincoln painting with black lacquer 2 dr. 460 cubic in.

We did a complete body restoration on this car, stripped 3 coats of paint off it to bare metal; the kids did all the work except for spraying the color, that was their bodywork project, took the whole summer, gave it to my daughter for her first car; she doesn't like newer shitbox cars cuz she knows how crappy they're built.

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1951 Ford wrecker pulling antique cars out of barn Pt2
1955 Olds Super 88 coming out of barn on cable; any brakes that were stuck slid on the oil tracks we spread on the concrete; it had been parked in there since 1983 when I drove it in 25 years ago.

Pulling antique car out of barn with '51 Ford wrecker Pt 1
Barn floor starting to sag, getting a 1955 Olds out of there, already they had pulled a '58 DeSoto out of there. Wrecker has a flathead Ford V8, still runs great.---- hottrod ---- Rockford, IL. ---- geocities dot com slash hottrodscars

1966 Oldsmobile fired up after 25 years Pt3
We replaced the rotted rubber fuel line hose and now it once again pulls off its own tank.

1977 Lincoln coupe painting with black lacquer Pt 2
This was the first coat, we did 10 coats, then compounded it after it sat for a week. Took 2 gallons of lacquer and 5 gallons lacquer thinner. - hottrod - - - geocities dot com slash hottrodscars