R32 GTR Mt Cotton Hill Climb Feb 2010

R32 GTR taking on the Mt Cotton Hill Climb Feb 2010 not the best video i have taken.

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Mazda 13B Turbo Formula Libre Mt Cotton Hillclimb 41.07 sec Run (Rear Wing View)
Rotary Hillclimb Racing Car 13B turbo Formula Libre Mt Cotton Hillclimb 2nd Run Sunday 18th April 2010. (Rear Wing View) Come along for a ride and watch the on car video footage at Mt Cotton Hillclimb with a time of 41.07 sec.

R32 GTR skyline townsville motorkhana
Townsville Motorkhana held in pits area of V8 track

1000HP Top Secret Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Boost Launch+R32 Launch HillClimb

Knysna HillClimb 2012 - Des Gutzeit 1000hp Nissan Skyline R32
Recorded at the 2012 Knysna HillClimb, this was the final launch and run up the hill for the day of Des Gutzeit, challenging his son Jade for the win, the finish was close, 0.010 seconds close, but Jade took it!