Rover 75 V8 vs MG ZT V8

This is a short video of the Rover 75 and MG ZT V8 with the 4.6 L V8 Mustang engine. It has 16 valves SOCH, 260 hp... and RWD, not front W. drive. These are the best MG Rover cars. PD.: There are also some photographs of the "all new" Rover Coupé V8. THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!

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List Top 7 MG Rover Might-Have-Beens Compilation. Interesting MG Rover Concepts: 7. The deal with SAIC 6. The Rover 75 Coupe 5. The MG GT Concept 4. The deal with Proton 3. The deal with China Brilliance 2. The Rover RDX60 1. The Rover TCV

Rover 75 Coupé - pure genius from Gerry
Filmed at Cofton Park, Birmingham during the Pride of Longbridge event held on the 15th April 2017. The title says it all, I'm in awe of Gerry's amazing skills. Donor cars for the Lloyd Viking Rover 75 Coupé were an MG ZT 190, a BMW 3 Series Coupé and a BMW 4 Series Coupé , the wheels were sourced from an Italian supplier. Camcorder : Sony Handycam HDR-CX570E Microphone : Rode VideoMicro with windscreen Editing Software : Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0

Jaguar S-Type vs Rover 75 Review (2000)
Richard Hammond gets a couple of cabbies, James Parsons and Phil Jordan, to test out two luxury British cars - the Jaguar S-Type and the Rover 75. They'll be comparing the performance and handling of the vehicles, as well as the overall luxuriousness and practicality.

Rover 75 V8 in Cornwall September 2010
I know I was on holiday but the V8 needed a wash & polish