!/25 scale stangs in the rough

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Model A Roadster
32 ford roadster, 1/25 scratch built top ...older build

Bugatti Tribute
Poligize for the shaky cam...I used the webcam for this....................1/24 scale Bugatti 35B race scene, still under construction, this is what that stone wall was for, spots on the cars is mud that Im currently in the process of applying, then its off for some airbrushing. I noticed a lot of the numbering on these cars was very crude looking, last minute I did my best to apply as lousy as I could. lol These were a dificult build because of the age of the kits...the plastic gets very brittle after 40 yrs..instructions are 1966 and both cars are orignal Monogram issues.

66 Fairlane Gasser
update on the 66..still polishing so has some compound in the cracks..I used micro sequin flake to simulate the ol metal flake days. cut 1/4s, flared, etc. long ways to get yet. added some old builds of junker fairlanes as well.

no dremel? No Probz
re-loaded due to audio being muted