PST Viper GTS @ MSR Cresson 1.7CCW - 1 Lap

PST Viper at Motorsport Ranch running the 1.7 CCW. Dave Fiorelli is driving. Filmed with a Race-Keeper Data Logging/Video system

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Dodge Viper ACRs chasing each other around Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX
David, Brad and I are chasing one another around MSR on this cool but fine Sunday afternoon in Cresson, TX. David decides to leave the track in Big Bend and then Brad decides to leave the track in Wagon Wheel. I have them both on video in front and in the rear. You'll probably see fuel coming from my car and David's car. We filled up just prior to this session and we both have fuel dumping from our overflow.

Dodge Viper SRT - Motorsport Ranch Cresson 1.3 (Drive Xotic)
This was my very first time driving a high performance car at any type of high speed, and my very first time on a racetrack ever. It took about 2 laps to get comfortable, so if you don't want to see the "slow" stuff skip ahead to lap 3 or 4. Note: Speed is in kmh for some reason. Top speed on the front stretch was ~103 mph.

MSR 1.7 CCW - 911 Turbo S with 1:23.0 lap
First time at MSR 1.7 track going CCW in the 911 turbo S. Lots of traffic makes it difficult to get many clean laps, but reeling in the other cars on the straights can still be fun.

2 laps 1:21 MSR 1.7CCW in Porsche CaymanS
Feeling good today. Testing the new Hooiser R100 tires. Would have been faster, but there was 200 pound of clattering lead in the passenger's seat.