94 4Runner: Body Lift Installation + Custom Valve Spring Bump Stops! (07/29/11)

I was going to cut this video into 3 parts, but i figured might as well just do a big one haha! So I started installing the bodylift kit. i have to modify a couple of the blocks because i think my rear mounts were a bit too low, so the front lifted up... I started working on custom bump stops. I didnt want just plain rubber ones, so i Remembered what my buddy did to build his! he made bump stops from valve springs and pipes. I also worked on my buddy's truck. I had to build custom Exhaust and replace a tie rod end. Thanks for Watching!

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This week we have a video giving you a run down of how to install a body lift into a Toyota Hilux Surf. We cover most of the do's and don'ts and give you a insight into how its all done. Whilst this is only on the surf, the same principles apply to any truck and should be a guide for any model in general. Feel free to check us out on facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/nzoffroader

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