Ford Focus Cat Back Stainless Steel Exhaust Install

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My Home Defense Plan
This is my entry to the brotherskeepers111 1000 sub contest. @1:21 Dog licks intruder @1:53 Target shooting starts @4:15 More Dog Thoughts

Tool Tip #33 An Easy Way to Clean Refrigerator Coils
In this video I clean the coils in a refrigerator where the coils are impossible to clean with a brush. Modern refrigerators have coils that are not designed to be easily cleaned (this annoys me). I should have mentioned in the video how to use a box fan with a filter. Box fans are not meant to be use with a filter. Adding a filter increases the static pressure and make the fan work harder and heat up. I have used this set-up for several hours straight but I never leave it running when I am not in the room. This fan is very robust and about 40 years old (made in the USA) they don't make them like this anymore.

Temporary Fix for a Loose Outlet Tool Tip #31
When you have an outlet that will not hold on to a plug and the plug keeps falling out or has a bad connection this is how to fix it.

How to Peel Apples with a Drill
Peeling apples with a drill really works after a little practice. In this video I show you how to do it. Just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.