Ford Focus Cat Back Stainless Steel Exhaust Install

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My Home Defense Plan
This is my entry to the brotherskeepers111 1000 sub contest. @1:21 Dog licks intruder @1:53 Target shooting starts @4:15 More Dog Thoughts

John Deere 563 Loader Cylinders Broken and Repaired Part 1
I was working with my JD 5085 and I pushed the 563 self leveling loader to hard. This is what happened. I was raking debris out of a pile of top soil. The upper jaw of the grapple was extended out giving the loader 4 feet of extra reach. The extra reach translated into more leverage working against the curl cylinders. When I get the loader put back together I will post a video that shows what I was doing. If I had had the loader in float mode the cylinders probably would not have broken but I am never going to extend the grapple to such an extreme angle again to test out the idea. I looked up the parts needed the next day. To rebuild the cylinders it will cost about $1200 just for the parts. To buy two new replacement cylinders is about $1500. Bummer.

How to Rejuvenate and Non Slip Pressure Treated Deck Stairs
In this video I rebuild a set of steps and reuse all of the wood and add a non-slip surface.

Sprinter RV Coach Batteries Not Charging
In this video I figure out why my 2008 Fleetwood Icon RV does not charge the coach/house batteries. This RV is on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. It is very similar to the Fleetwood Pluse, the Winnebago View and the Itasca Navion