94 4Runner: She Rolls Now! (Axles and Wheels Installed!) (08/11/11)

Well, despite my stitches, i worked on the 4runner. im stubborn as frig haha! I did it all without lifting too! not bad. I got the rear axle under the springs, installed the ubolts, then jacked it up and bolted the tires on! awesome! I have a seized caliper on the back though... So i have a few little things i need to do. Gotta move the spring hangers forward about 5" as well to center the axle and line up the shock tabs! Thanks for Watching!

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94 4Runner: SHE DRIVES NOW! (08/26/11)
Well, i got to go for a little romp today, but it tired me out haha! im thinking the power steering pump is shot... cause i should be able to turn like the front tires are on ice with no problem! but i have to fight like hell to get the steering wheel to turn... I got the rear driveshaft in, its such a drastic angle haha! i hope i dont start going through ujoints now hahaha! Thanks for Watching!

94 4Runner: Rear Axle Positioning (08/12/11)
Well, I got the spring hangers cut off Beastie today, then I welded them to the 4runner frame. Moved the axle 4" forward, and set the shocks, brake lines, shackles, everything up just perfectly! also centered the tire in the wheel well! Then I ran the rear brake lines, got them all tied in. I need to rebuild a rear caliper though, Ill do a video on how to do that soon. I also started on wiring. I got the fuel tank wiring all figured out! now I just need to fix the small leak in the tank ffs... I need to put another leaf spring up front to level the truck out once the engine and stuff is in her. She's sitting level right now, and i have a TON of weight to put back into her... 80% in the front though haha Thanks for Watching! p.s. who read everything this time?

1987 4Runner Old Man Emu Spring Installation Part 1 of 2
In this two part series I walk through the process of installing the OME CS009R rear leaf springs on a 1987 Toyota 4Runner. Overall the process is straight forward as long as rust hasn't consumed your vehicle's underside.

How To Remove A Seized Axle Stuck In The Hub - Mitsubishi Endeavor Example
This method of seized axle removal has been practiced and refined by myself to a point where I don't have to be intimidated by this problem any more. I've never had an axle I couldn't separate with the Posi Lock 110, but how much damage the axle takes in the process is the refinement. I've learned that you're just not going to avoid distortion of the hub on a Mitsubishi seized axle. This 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor was in the shop a week prior to filming this and I had found that the rear axles were seized and would not come out without damaging them, so the repair was rescheduled so we could get new axles on hand in the likely case that they get mangled too much to fix within reason. In this case the axles are saved because of both the careful setup of the Posi Lock 110 (3 jaw, 20 ton) puller and the patience of keeping the exposed part of the axle cool. Experience on previous jobs has taught me that if the axle is not cooled as the hub is heated or the puller is not set up perfectly straight, the axle can bend where the splines transition to the threaded end. It can be difficult to set the puller up straight around the lug stud shoulders. I figured this would be a good job to film as illustration of what we are running into with Mitsu and Hyundai/Kia here in the New England rust belt. They are the worst, but this happens with many other brands as well.