Ford Escort Mk II and Mikko Hirvonen

this is classic rally car. in that old days rallying was: doors on front. sideways. yes it is shame that modern WRC hasnt RWD cars. i read that once on the champ, legend driver François Delecou, want to drive in his Porsche and HQ of that champ, didnt know where that car put, which class. hes talking about

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550bhp Mk2 Escort Cosworth (The Nail) Full Throttle Uk Feature
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JRE Atmo Cosworth engine dyno run ford escort mk1 rally car engine
This is our 2.0 N/A Cosworth engine on our Dyno, this produced 251bhp. for more info or to purchase engines/ parts e-mail or visit the website

Wee Sunday Drive Mk2 Escort 2JZ Engine
Trying The New Sequential Tractive With 2JZ 700BHP Engine In Mk2 Escort Old Skool

Mk2 Escort Cosworth - WEBER 50 DCOE. Balancing Carbs & Test Run in the Car
Airflow Meter: ors-airflow-metersynchronizer . Cranked Elbow Adaptor: flow-meter-adaptor-elbow-synchro Cone for Large-bore Carburettors (over 48mm bore): Here at RRS rolling road, Chris and I are using an air-flow meter with cranked adaptor + cone adaptor to balance his Twin 50 DCOE WEBER carbs on his Cosworth-engined Mk2 Escort 250hp+. That thing is a rocket! ...test drive is towards the end of the video. If you want to get your car to run as fast as this, send us a message and we can have a chat :) Thanks for looking ...Like, comment and share! Emmanuel G.