BMW X5 (4.8is) 225 km/h (140 mph)

2006 Model X5 4.8

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Maximum speed and acceleration BMW X5 4.8i E70
Maximum speed and acceleration of BMW X5 4.8i E70

BMW X5 4.8is (short film) - Kind of nowadays - Eduardo Stig Photography.
BMW Film where we show a 2005 X5 4.8is and a beautiful lady which gives the video another touch. Stay tuned with this "BMWStory" and be part of the next one.. What can Happen next?... Actor: Eduardo Olivi Actress: Gabriella Ramírez Vehicle: 2005 BMW X5 4.8is Music: Dubstep Instrumental (When You're Alone) Please be Respectful with the comments, this is just an enjoyness video to share the feeling of the customer with their cars.

Fair well to Ninja ...BMW 4.8is R.I.P
Bagged BMW 4.8is E53 ...the last ride