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Fiat Punto 1,8 HGT Racing Abarth Acceleration 0-160km/h (170kmh)

Acceleration from 0 to 160 or 170km/h (dont know anymore if i was at full accelerate after 160 ^^) on our Stock Fiat Punto 1,8 HGT driven in Austrian Slalom Championship. Not the best quality, had only mobilephone with me ^^ !! To prevent some comments, i know it runs 180 in 4th but i use only the recommend rpm from 4700-6000 ;) More from us @ www.motorsport.dskag.at !! Cya! R.I.P in Sumer 2014. Not much Punto 2 lived that long. Very expensive Car because it rust like hell! Needed every year a full rust repair...in the end i didnt wanted to invest again 3000Euro -_-


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Fiat Punto tuning by Dohy
IN MEMORY www.puntotuning.eu

Grande Punto Abarth Essesse sound with Supersprint full exhaust!
http://www.supersprint.com/en/IT/prod-7001-9983-grande_punto_abarth_kit_ss_ 14i_t_180_hp___08__.aspx This system is also compatible with normal Grande Punto Abarth upgraded with 1446 turbocharger and more recent Multiair Engines (135, 165hp), Supersport included.. Also compatible with Alfa MiTo 1.4 170 and 135 hp.

Fiat Punto Mk2 Headlamp Swap... A How To Guide
Afternoon all welcome to shockingly not a Wheel Horse video from me. My Wife's car a Fiat Punto Mk2 needed a bit of work to get it through the MOT test including changing the headlamps. I had a quick look and couldn't find a video of it on YouTube so I thought I would make one :-) I hope this will come in handy to those of you that need to swap your Punto's headlamps for better ones. Thanks for watching and subscribing, thank you to my many new subscribers as well, much appreciated guy's. If you like what you see please tell others, Don't forget the "like" button :-) All images and video created and owned by UkWheelHorseBloke Opening title music.. CountryCue1 by www.audionautix.com The rest of the music by www.teknoaxe.com In order of appearance.. "Psycho Nu Metal Loop" TeknoAXE YouTube permission video link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU7mV4tbeVA

punto 1.8 HGT hasan

Created on November 30, 2011 using FlipShare.fiat punto 1200cc over heating blown head gaskit cylinder head skimming repair

How to temporary fix Power Steering problems on Fiat Punto MK2
Hello, In this video I will show you how to temporary fix a Power Steering failure on a Fiat Punto MK2 (W Reg). There are many reasons why the EPS (Electric Power Steering) will stop working: 1. Battery too weak 2. Torque Sensor Failure 3. Speedo Sensor Failure (Non ABS models) 4. Condensation Fowling 5. Motor Failure 6. Basic Electric Faults (Fuse/Relay) 7. Dry Solder - Motor Failure Although most of the time, the battery is to blame the occasional light on and power steering stops / works half the time. Motor Failure is more common in Pre 2003 models, where the motor uses a relay set. Yes changing the motor can be a possible cure. If the battery is old and weak - that can also be easy to eliminate without diagnostic, but motor/speedo/torque sensor etc all have to be fault coded to find out what is actually wrong. As said in the video you use this fix at your VERY OWN RISK and again I take no responsibilities for any damage this may cause to your vehicle!!! If you need any further help then please leave a comment below or inbox me! :) Have a safe drive!

The Art of Tuning - Fiat Punto MKII
62 Records present the Travis Fiat Punto transformed by Caporaloni Carrozzeria, Preparazioni Manoni & TMT Interiors. Enjoy!

Incar FIAT Punto HGT SC evo @ 1st GTCC 2011 Tripoli (Saloon Class)
1st GTCC Race 13/03/2011 @ Tripoli circuit , Saloon Class. 1 warmup lap + 5 Laps race , Flying start. A Supercharged Punto HGT prepared for tracks by Auto Corse. 4,4kg/hp. Driver Petros Tsironis. Classified 2nd for this class. first ever Circuit Race. many thanks to Auto Corse Autodelta KW suspensions NS racing Exhausts Herby Rollcages and all the people who helps me all this years.

Fiat Punto 1,8 HGT Racing Abarth Acceleration 0-140km/h (early shifting, wintertires)
Acceleration from 0 to nearly 140km/h on our Stock Fiat Punto 1,8 HGT driven in Austrian Slalom Championship. Not the best start, had winter tires on the car and bit slipy street at this time (a night in Februar) so i cant use a 7000U/min burnout und later harder shifting for better time ^^ But i will try again with the Goodyears in a few months ;) More from us @ www.motorsport.dskag.at !! Cya! R.I.P in Sumer 2014. Not much Punto 2 lived that long. Very expensive Car because it rust like hell! Needed every year a full rust repair...in the end i didnt wanted to invest again 3000Euro -_-

Fiat Punto T-Jet 1.4 16V Turbo - Detalhes
Confira em detalhes o foguete de bolso: Fiat Punto T-Jet 16v turbo com motor 1.4. Dúvidas e sugestões, entre em contato: garagemdaniel81@gmail.com

1995 Fiat Punto Review
Richard Hammond is with Lucy Barber, who is looking for a cheap first car. She takes a Fiat Punto for a test drive to see if it's the car she's after, plus Ian Royle has more information on the Micra.

Abarth OT 2000
Heißes Italo-Coupé im klassischen Tracktest: Wie schnell ist das Abarth-Leichtgewicht auf dem Rundkurs?

FIAT PUNTO T-JET - VOLTA RÁPIDA #11 COM RUBENS BARRICHELLO | ACELERADOS Motor 1.4 turbo, suspensão recalibrada, freios mais potentes e um bom câmbio manual. Esta é a receita do Punto T-Jet, o primeiro hot hatch a encarar nossa Volta Rápida. E olha que o Rubinho tem história com esses brinquedos. Garoto-propaganda do Uno turbo nos anos 90 (ainda com mais cabelos nessa época, é verdade), nosso recordista de largadas na F1 gostou do Punto, mas sentiu falta de um pouco mais de tração. Será que ele cravou outros "peixes grandes"? Você também é Acelerado? Siga em: YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/acelerados/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/aceleradostv/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/aceleradostv/ INSTAGRAM: @acelerados

Fiat Punto: Oil and Oil Filter Change
How to change the oil and oil filter on a Fiat Punto. Sump plug torque setting is 20nm (15 lb ft). Sump plug is on a 12mm hex key (allen key).

Fiat Punto na Avaliação
Velho conhecido nas ruas mostra que ainda atende

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