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Fiat Punto 1,8 HGT Racing Abarth Acceleration 0-160km/h (170kmh)

Acceleration from 0 to 160 or 170km/h (dont know anymore if i was at full accelerate after 160 ^^) on our Stock Fiat Punto 1,8 HGT driven in Austrian Slalom Championship. Not the best quality, had only mobilephone with me ^^ !! To prevent some comments, i know it runs 180 in 4th but i use only the recommend rpm from 4700-6000 ;) More from us @ www.motorsport.dskag.at !! Cya!


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Fiat Punto HGT vs.VW Golf 4 TDI
Pomocna pista Ciljuge 04.07.2010

punto hgt abarth ginestra
punto hgt abarth 1.8 16v abarth le kit d origine possede pare choc avant abarth pare choc arriere abarth bas de caisse abarth tapis de sol abarth aileron abarth jante alliage abarth volant abarth pommeau abarth pedalier abarth seuil de porte abarth badge de capot abarth en option : fond de compteur bleue et rouge alarme cobra gps chargeur etc etc feux mk2b clignotant blanc interieur cuir sergio tachini bi-ton noir gris grille avant et arriere en nid d abeilles noir moteur silenbloc d echapement donc 4 en powerflex suppression et demontage du circuit de clim entierement environ 10 kg de moins joint de haut moteur (culbuteurs) et bougie payen suppresions des boitiers raisonnateurs sur l'admission. support moteur sasic elargisseur de voie 0.5 mm silencieux remus racing hulie de boite motul 75w80 barre anti raprochement omp barre anti rapprochement inferrieur omp kit d admission green avec conduit de forcage d air depart paps arriver facade bougie ngk irridium collecteur d echapement supersprint 421 inox frein avant arriere perce plus plaquette ebc amortisseurs av ar -50 -40 sport technix ligne d echapement decata sans inter supersprint embrayage renforce fast road provenance du royaume uni calorstat kw les 4 flexible de frein en aviation purge de frein en liquide de frein 5.1 kit de butee suspension skf

Fiat Punto tuning by Dohy
IN MEMORY www.puntotuning.eu

Fiat Punto Mk2 Headlamp Swap... A How To Guide
Afternoon all welcome to shockingly not a Wheel Horse video from me. My Wife's car a Fiat Punto Mk2 needed a bit of work to get it through the MOT test including changing the headlamps. I had a quick look and couldn't find a video of it on YouTube so I thought I would make one :-) I hope this will come in handy to those of you that need to swap your Punto's headlamps for better ones. Thanks for watching and subscribing, thank you to my many new subscribers as well, much appreciated guy's. If you like what you see please tell others, Don't forget the "like" button :-) All images and video created and owned by UkWheelHorseBloke Opening title music.. CountryCue1 by www.audionautix.com The rest of the music by www.teknoaxe.com In order of appearance.. "Psycho Nu Metal Loop" TeknoAXE YouTube permission video link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU7mV4tbeVA

Fiat Punto T-Jet 1.4 16V Turbo - Detalhes
Confira em detalhes o foguete de bolso: Fiat Punto T-Jet 16v turbo com motor 1.4. Dúvidas e sugestões, entre em contato: garagemdaniel81@gmail.com

0-100 fiat punto hgt

punto 1.8 HGT hasan

Grande Punto Abarth Essesse sound with Supersprint full exhaust!
http://www.supersprint.com/en/IT/prod-7001-9983-grande_punto_abarth_kit_ss_ 14i_t_180_hp___08__.aspx This system is also compatible with normal Grande Punto Abarth upgraded with 1446 turbocharger and more recent Multiair Engines (135, 165hp), Supersport included.. Also compatible with Alfa MiTo 1.4 170 and 135 hp.

Corvette ZR1 acceleration top speed 0-330 km/h. ( www.vb2r.com ) 0-205 mph- gopro
http://www.vb2r.com/ / http://www.motorsport-magazine.fr https://www.facebook.com/pages/VB2R/123598734319864 Test driver : NGourdol ( motorpsort magazine ) Acceleration 0-330 km/h Moteur : V8 Compresseur Cylindrée : 6 162 cm3 Puissance : 647 chevaux Couple : 83,4 mkg Poids : 1 512 kg Prix : 149 400 euros

Uno Turbo - GT2056S
Uno turbo with GT2056S turbocharger

tepSIJA - Fiat Punto HGT - NA road tire acceleration
tepSIJA Fiat Punto HGT Naturaly Aspirited - No Nitro acceleration , road tyre Toyo T1R 143 WHP

Fiat Punto 1,8 HGT Racing Abarth Acceleration 0-140km/h (early shifting, wintertires)
Acceleration from 0 to nearly 140km/h on our Stock Fiat Punto 1,8 HGT driven in Austrian Slalom Championship. Not the best start, had winter tires on the car and bit slipy street at this time (a night in Februar) so i cant use a 7000U/min burnout und later harder shifting for better time ^^ But i will try again with the Goodyears in a few months ;) More from us @ www.motorsport.dskag.at !! Cya!

Fiat Punto GT - Davide Cironi drive experience
Piccola e arrabbiata, direttamente dagli anni '90 delle sale giochi e di Hit Mania Dance, impersona perfettamente un'epoca. Ma a livello di piacere di guida come se la cava?

Fiat Punto hgt 0-100 unter 8 Sekunden
1.8 Liter , Serie, 131 ps Auf jeden Fall noch Luft nach oben

2014 Fiat Punto Evo India Review With Price, Exteriors, Interiors And Features Overview
2014 Fiat Punto Evo India Review With Price, Exteriors, Interiors And Features Overview Read more details here- http://www.carblogindia.com/fiat-punto-evo-launched-price-photos-details-co mparo/ More Auto Expo 2014 Videos here- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNbAWSCuZOmTbe1FLNep7uE_7o1ffO1dx Complete Auto Expo 2014 coverage here- http://www.carblogindia.com/tag/auto-expo-2014/ Car Blog India- All Rights Reserved

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