Fiat Punto 1,8 HGT Racing Abarth Acceleration 0-160km/h (170kmh)

Acceleration from 0 to 160 or 170km/h (dont know anymore if i was at full accelerate after 160 ^^) on our Stock Fiat Punto 1,8 HGT driven in Austrian Slalom Championship. Not the best quality, had only mobilephone with me ^^ !! To prevent some comments, i know it runs 180 in 4th but i use only the recommend rpm from 4700-6000 ;) More from us @ !! Cya! R.I.P in Sumer 2014. Not much Punto 2 lived that long. Very expensive Car because it rust like hell! Needed every year a full rust the end i didnt wanted to invest again 3000Euro -_-

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