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Duramax LBZ & LMM - WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? by Duramaxtuner.COM
GM introduced the LMM Duramax in 2007.5 that included a new DPF (diesel particular filter) and body style. Duramaxtuner.COM's Nick Priegnitz and Bob Petersen discuss the differences between the two engines in this episode of DT Questions & Answers.

Duramax transmission cooler line upgrade kit
Custom tranny Cooler lines

Overheating truck explained

Aftermarket Light Duty Truck Bumpers and Overheating by Duramaxtuner.COM
Large aftermarket bumpers look cool, but they may inhibit airflow and the ability of the truck to dissipate heat. Duramaxtuner.COM's Bob Petersen and Nick Priegnitz explain what to consider before you buy an aftermarket bumper for a Duramax.