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How To Splice A Loop In Hollow Core Braided Line WITHOUT A NEEDLE (GoPro HD)
How to spice a loop in hollow-core braided fishing line without using a special "latch needle". All you need is a 4' piece of lightweight single strand wire leader! Filmed from true point-of-view angle using a GoPro HD on head-strap mount.

2004 Chevy K2500 LLY Duramax Engine
Standard Motor Products presents: Technician's Toolbox "2004 Chevy K2500 LLY Duramax Engine"

Mechanics Minute Ep 4.- Duramax Cooling Stack Cleaning
Your Duramax truck run hot in the summer months? We are highlighting a common issue this week with cleaning the cooling system "stack" The stack refers to the radiator, Intercooler, air conditioning condenser and the transmission cooler mounted behind the grill. As the truck is driven, overtime road debris, bugs, oils and tar and lots of other debris will lodge into the cooling fins of these coolers and restrict air flow. If air can not get through the coolers, cooling capacity is greatly reduced. Here we cover the basics on cleaning those fins.

05 Chevy LLY Duramax cold start
Shot this for comparisons sake with my Dodge Cummins