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Truck overheating
Only when I got down to 40 mph did it stop overheating. Heater on full, outside temp 89 or less, going up Fancy Gap pass

2015 GMC Duramax Runaway
2015 GMC 2500 Duramax Runaway Engine Pulled up to open gate, engine started to rev up, turned off ignition, engine never shut off. CRAZY Runaway! Tachometer red lined until it destroyed itself. Odometer reads 3378 miles! Still not sure of all the damage done.

Duramax transmission cooler line upgrade kit
Custom tranny Cooler lines

04 Silverado 2500HD LB7 Duramax Overheating "Radiator Cleaning"
Dads Silverado 2500HD with the LB7 Duramax diesel is overheating with the plow on. This shouldn't be happening so I am cleaning out the radiator and all the coolers under the hood. This is a good thing to do once a year.