Ford Granada MK2 testing and training (oldfords)

Ford Granada mk2 mk2/1 2door sedan ghia cosworth 24V racing on Brno Circuit after heavy rain with winter tires Old Ford Club

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Ford Granada MK2 Kombi Drift
MK2 MK3, who cares. 1,3 Liter OHC. Oder so.

Mk1 Granada Restoration - Sill Replacement
Work on the Granada has been progressing over that past few months. Its hard work and slow going but the car is coming together. In this video I take you through most of the inner and outer sill replacement on the drivers side. This work will also need to be done on the other side. Then after that there is loads more metalwork to be done. Videos on this will be every few months due to the time it takes to make progress on a full size car. If you want to see more I have a forum thread running for the car at the following link... oded-sills/

Renault 16 - Ford Granada Chase 1978
Clip from The Sweeney's Money, Money, Money episode from 1978.

Ford Granada 2door cosworth - inside cam - airport testing (oldfords)
Ford Granada MK2 2door V6 cosworth 24V