Nürburgring Nordschleife Mazda RX-7 FD3S onboard

Touristenfahrten 14.07.2013 first time since 2011... a busy day with lots of traffic.this is my 3rd lap with this car, trying to keep it easy.BTG time on a clean lap would be something around 8.20 min. specs: too much to list so i just name the most important -type R2 94 model -single turbo T04E garrett with everything necessary+apexi power FC - 300hp@0.7 bar Boost -stock suspension (which is too soft, especially in the rear) -complete new rear bushes(most of them PU)+megan racing toe arms -exedy stage 2 clutch -complete 3inch Exhaust with burdinski muffler (db-killer removed) -falken fk452 street tyres (235 front, 255 back 17inch) -hawk brake discs and pads (which were totally destroyed in the front after 4 laps because of faulty calipers!) SAVE THE RING!

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Togue Tuner Battle - R34 GTR vs FD RX-7 (English Subtitles)
R34 GTR up against the FD RX-7...who will win? This is a Togue tuner battle.

Nürburgring Nordschleife Mazda RX-7 FD3S onboard 8:14 BTG
Touristenfahrten 17.04.2015 ride a fun lap onboard with me... didnt drive the track for almost 2 years, this is my 4th lap of the week.the damping setup was not finished by that time. i was messing around a bit,due to the traffic there was no possibility to do a good lap. but i think it shows the potential of the car quite good. specs: engine rebuilt by Hayward Rotary in April 2011 (about 27000km now) Apexi Power FC with Commander Garrett T04E Single turbo HKS Mushroom Air Filter HKS Cast Manifold HKS 3" Down Pipe 50mm external HKS Wastegate plumbed back into Downpipe complete 3" catless Exhaust with resonator and muffler walbro intank fuel pump (255l/h) 550cc Primary Injectors 1680cc Secondary Injectors KG Parts Fuel Rail Fuel Pressure Regulator Air Pump Removed & a/c removed & spare wheel removed battery relocated in the trunk big radiator and big Intercooler v-mount custom power steering cooling pipe Polished Lower Inlet Manifold modified greddy elbow and custom intake piping modified Blitz SS BOV Engine Damper Exedy Stage2 Clutch (fitted 2010!!) re amemiya ignition amplifier NGK BR10EIX plugs magnecor competition plug wires still no Boost controller (about to come) peak Boost around 0.9 bar / hold Boost around 0.8 bar (should be close to 350 bhp and about 400nm of torque) almost complete pu bushes all round megan racing toe ends in the front / megan racing toe arms in the back XYZ racing spec coilovers (spring rate 20kg front and rear) ST suspension sway bars improved racing sway bar links setup (wheel alignment and height adjustment on a wheel scale) done by Raeder Motorsport yokohama advan AD08R tyres (235/45/17 front & 255/40/17 back) on buddy club p1 racing wheels stock 4 pot calipers with CL RC6 pads and dba 4000 series 6x6 wiper slot discs in the front. (i used 1 and a half set of pads in 10 laps!!)...need something better ebc 307+ racing brake fluid & braided steel lines yellow stuff pads and hawk discs in the back oil temperature/pressure gauges innovate wideband lambda control with afr gauge checked 1295 kg with a full tank of gas and me sitting in it (!) i still have probably forgotten some things...

My Mum's first lap of the Nordschleife!
This is a video of my Mum's first ride with me around the Nurburgring Nordschleife, with my friends Lorna & Phil Benn sitting in the back. The track was damp off-line, and we had a fair bit of traffic too, but was mostly clear. Car was a completely standard, left hand drive Peugeot 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport.

RX7 Vs GT3 nurburgring
A lap of the nurburgring stuck behind a rather annoying GT3 that will not move over.