Tom Bettiker @ National Trail

This is a little experiment of mine in HD. I was hoping to record three passes down the strip, but we only got two, then it got cloudy before the second one.... This is far from seamless. sigh... Anyway, I'm just screwing around with HD and editing. Let's see how it looks on YouTube...

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Tom Bettiker
My Friend Tom Bettiker and his sharp Camaro at National trial raceway weds. july 8th 2009

1992 Mopar Nationals Wheelie Contest
Filmed at National Trails Raceway Park in Columbus, Ohio at the Mopar Nationals.

1967 Sunbeam Tiger
NMRA National Trail Raceway Columbus Ohio 2007

Bobby Don - Category 6 - is a V6 turbo. This was shot at Buick horsepower Nationals August 1 -3, 2008 at National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio. I like this video becuz it shows pulling up to the lanes (start to finish), staging and close up view on the track, right next to Bobby Don.