Tom Bettiker @ National Trail

This is a little experiment of mine in HD. I was hoping to record three passes down the strip, but we only got two, then it got cloudy before the second one.... This is far from seamless. sigh... Anyway, I'm just screwing around with HD and editing. Let's see how it looks on YouTube...

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Epic Road Trip, Slower W/ More Photos
Slower version of the roadshow slide show with the interview on 610 WTVN by Dave Maetzold, Photos from each stadium are also in the video.

1992 Mopar Nationals Wheelie Contest
Filmed at National Trails Raceway Park in Columbus, Ohio at the Mopar Nationals.

Kyle Journeys Dedication at National Trail Raceway Part 1
This is part 1 of Kyle Journeys Dedication at National Trail Raceway on 6-22-08. The following is the dedication speech as read by the announcer: Kyle Journey A Dedication By Kirk Journey Edited by Jamie Varney Kyle L. Journey, son of Bracket Racer Kirk L. Journey's life was tragically cut short on June 14th 2008. An exceedingly intelligent young man, Kyle was attending the Navel Nuclear Power School in South Carolina as a member of the US Navy. Out of the 286 students in his field Kyle was ranked top of his class. A fierce competitor, Kyle was best friend to many. On or off the race track Kyle brought joy, warmth and humor to every life he touched. If you never had the opportunity to meet Kyle then the loss is yours. They say that time heals all wounds, but this can never change the fact that in our eyes Kyle is truly irreplaceable. From all of your friends and family: "Goodbye Kyle. We Love you!"

Goodguys 2007
Goodguys at National Trail Raceway. Property of Licking County Now. Visit to request use of this video.