Camaro In-Car Footage at Bathurst, 23/03/08

'RaceCam' footage of Colin Warrington's #51 Camaro participating in the Festival of Speed event at Bathurst over the Easter weekend. This was the combined race of the day, with the faster cars from various classes competing. No points, no trophies, no point in banging the car around. But still bloody good fun to watch.

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FOSC Bathurst 2009 - Camaro In-Car Footage, 12/04/09
'RaceCam' footage of Colin Warrington's #51 Camaro, participating in 2009's Festival of Speed event at Bathurst. Was a far more rain-soaked affair than the previous year, but once again the drivers turned out and gave it their best. This particular race that I had installed the camera for didn't quite work out as planned..

Moffat 1969 Trans Am Mustang in-car footage. Fantastic noise!
Allan Moffat's immortal 1969 Trans Am Mustang is one of the greats of Australian motorsport. Winning 101 of 151 races it was also one of the most successful in our nations racing history. Here is some in car footage from the Gold Coast 600 Legends demonstration event, taking it easy as there is a lot of concrete there to hit! See more of this car and others from the Bowden Collection here at

Camaro In-Car Footage at Eastern Creek, 06/09/09
'RaceCam' footage of Colin Warrington's #51 Camaro participating at Eastern Creek in 2009. Got a little more.. 'creative' with the editing this time. Did it work? You tell me. A few points..: A) Yes, that is a Ford Galaxie in front. And yes, he is spinning the tyres coming out of nearly every corner B) Gearing seemed pretty terrible. Was running a taller final drive than Bathurst. No, I don't know why either.. C) This was the only race where the Camaro didn't wind up flatspotting any of the tyres. Eastern Creek's a bitch..

Rx7 Sports Sedan Race Car, 700HP 20B turbo Rotary @ Bathurst 2012
Bruce Banks in-car footage at Bathurst 2012 Check out