open dump o2 1g dsm fwd laser 16g 272's

doing a pull to 7 grand on a closed course 18psi fwd , dsmlink tuned, bc 272's etc tial 38mm open dump , 3" no cat going 35 until I punch it (when it gets lound) and briskfully finish up in third gear at about 80 mph @ 6rpm

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LOUD wastegate 2g DSM eclipse gsx 2.3 stroker low boost open o2 dump
Just taking a short ride trying to get the idle right. im not going anywhere near full throttle its on low Boost im still breaking it in. and i know im shifting early, i wasnt trying to do any crazy pulls or anything like that.

Open Wastegate DSM
Clean 2g DSM with open wastegate

1997 Eclipse GSX o2 Housing Open Dump
1997 Eclipse GSX With a Custom Exhaust and o2 Housing open Dump. + more mods.

DSM (Doesn't Start Monthly)
*I know, I said 2 cylinders in the video. My mistake. I meant 2 liter. There's going to be some hate on me for this, but they know it's true. DSM (Diamond Star Motors) are very capable cars and can be made fast easy, but one thing about DSM is that it has no reliability at all. Parts just seem to quit on a daily basis. The car would run one day and the next day it will just not start. Parts die suddenly for no apparent reason. I've heard the horror stories with DSM, but now I finally got to experience the frustration of owning one. I have no doubt that the car can be made fast. I have seen fast DSM's at the track. There is great potential for this platform. DSM is more for those wanting a project car and don't mind shelling out money into it then taking it out to the drag strip once or twice a year and running 9 second passes. If you want anything otherwise, you won't enjoy it. If you enjoy your DSM, you are lucky and should be glad. For many of us who hate dealing with broken parts all the time and the car not starting all the time, we just want it gone. So I'm letting it go to another owner who will spend more time with it.