Saturn SL2 1/4 Mile run

Did a 1/4 mile run on Dyno 91 mph @ 14.7 sec. Dyno pull.. best was 92 HP and 158 lb/tq

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Saturn SC2 Turbo 11 second quarter mile
This little blue Satrun SC2 was turbo charged and ran a 1/4 mile in 11 seconds at Speedworld in Arizona.

Turbo Saturn 1/4 Mile 12.45 at 113MPH
My saturn quarter mile

saturn s-series 0-92 mph twin cam w/ sohc tras. hand ported twin cam, new rings, k&n, hks muff.
0-92 in my sl

N/A Saturn New 1/4 Mile Best On Motor
Saturn Mods: -Intake -Dumped Exhaust -Electric Water Pump -Intake Cam on Exhaust side Mod -Decked Head By RPM Shop In Delmont NJ -Lexan Windows -Aluminum Hood, Dash, Trunk Lid, Wing -Solid Motor / Trans Mounts -6 Puck Clutch -Weight Reduction 1850lb W/Driver