Saturn SL2 1/4 Mile run

Did a 1/4 mile run on Dyno 91 mph @ 14.7 sec. Dyno pull.. best was 92 HP and 158 lb/tq

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2007 Saturn Sky Red Line
A very nice 2007 Saturn Sky Red Line I found at the Corvette Expo 2012..very it out!

2002 Supercharged Dodge Stratus R/T

saturn sl2 launch part 2 better
1993 saturn sl2 manual with a c.a.i. no muffler. i welded the diff pin for reliability and i suggest EVERYONE do this even if your not racing and even if you have an auto trans. saturn has a VERY weak roll pin holding the differential pin in place and it breaks under normal use and causes tremendous damage to your transmission. this launch was better than the first.