Yamaha WR open vs. Yamaha Force 1

Yamaha WR (Bangued) vs. Yamaha Force 1 (Narvacan) @ calaba bridge

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Dragbike Force 1 Tuned By 3ST Racing.mp4
Force 1 kelas TU 116cc Tuned by Sempal Speed Soft Tech Alamat Bengkel : kangkungan, salam, magelang, jawa tengah

Yamaha f1z-r for ever
Yamaha f1z-r for ever Just my personal channel !!! Tο απλό προσωπικό μου κανάλι !!! Αν σου άρεσε κάποιο απο τα βίντεο μου κάνε Like !! Και Subscribe για να μην χάνεις κάνενα καινούριο Βίντεο μου που ανεβάζω!! Thack you!!

Ate V Sprocket Testing (15/47)
im in sprocket tuning mode (15/47) and doing a topspeed test. My speedo topspeed is 131kph @9500rpm around 141kph GPS. After testing my bike needs more low speed ratio to maximize the rpm at 12,000

Asian Drag Race Suzuki Raider Yamaha Sniper Kawa KMX Honda Wave
Asian Style of Drag Racing, Testing the bikes