Tony Pond attempts to lap the IOM at 100mph average

Tony Pond is the driver at the wheel of this standard production Rover V6 827 Vitesse. It's his second bid to be the first person to lap the Isle of Man TT circuit at over 100mph in a four wheeled vehicle. Tony an Isle of Man resident and Britain's most famous rally driver almost made it during his attempt in 1988. For this 1990 challenge he chose to do it, but this time without a navigator. This meant a useful weight-saving - particularly effective on the 1000 feet climb from sea-level to the highest point on the circuit - but would require Tony to have perfect memory and knowledge of the TT courses 233 bends, in order to keep the average speed up. This clip captures the excitement of the record run itself via the use of in-car cameras. The end result is probably the best quality point-of-view footage ever recorded actually during a record attempt or motorsport event.

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