Twin Turbo Lincoln practice launches

I just got some new ET Streets and wanted to try them out. They do alright but need a bit of work....

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Supercharged 1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC Special Edition
Just a quick run through of my car. There's not many videos of these on YouTube so I wanted to upload one of mine. It was Dynotuned at 365 horsepower to the rear wheels and 450 to the crank Here's some mods done to it -Paxton Supercharger -3.73 gears - GT40x heads -Ford Racing B cam -B&M shifter -Spring conversion -Worked transmission -Stroked to 306ci

My LS1 Caprice vs Twin Turbo 5sp Lincoln Mark VII
This is my LS1 Caprice, named Christine racing my friends nice ass Twin turbo, 5 spd Lincoln Mark VII.

Twin turbo lincoln vs procharged notchback mustang
Just some fooling around after work. We knew what the outcome would be since he trapped a lot better than me. Still trying to figure out movie maker. Tried to slow down the credits but obviously that didn't work too well... Enjoy!

Beater motorsports presents Hot Rod Lincoln
video short of a 3 month adventure assembling a fast beater from "spares" and stuff lying around the shop 1 lincoln 4 transmissions multiple tires a few peoples pride and my ribs(from laughing) were hurt during this experiment. PnyPwr