74 Chevy Nova Update 28 - Hood Lock Modification 3 Conclusion

Finally Done! 100lb Door popper Solenoid is what I used and has a dual opening system in the even the battery dies.

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74 Chevy Nova Update 24 - Hood Lock Modification 1 Modernizing
Thumbs up for this Mod! Heres a hood lock Modification to make your Nova's Hood more modern in security. I show from start to finish how to make it. Please Like and Subscribe.

74 Chevy Nova Update 46 - Bodywork on Cowl Hood
Started to prep the cowl hood.

74 Chevy Nova Update 77 - Intermittent Wiper Setup Intro
In accordance to the "Reborn" project name, I introduce another idea to modernize my 1974 Chevy Nova Custom. Intermittent Wipers were not an option in 1974. But in my garage restoration, IT IS!!!

74 Chevy Nova Update 52 - Final Prime Cowl Hood
I do the blocksanding and finally Final prime.