04 v6 mustang vs 350 getting the Haters off me

04 v6 Mustang vs 350z with a message to all haters !!!!!!!!

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mustang v6 vs challenger v6
2000 V6 Mustang Vs V6 2009 Challenger

v6 mustang vs cobra
2004 Ford Mustang 232ci v6 Nitrous injected DOT street tire race car. Built and sponsored by Memory Lane Collision Repair. Grudge race vs built motor Nitrous injected 01 cobra at Sikeston dragstrip

2004 v6 mustang borla exhaust and take off
2004 v6 Mustang with MAC-cold air finderwell intake.Custom x-pipes no cats and BORLA 2.5 inch Exhaust with 4/inch tips

2003 Ford Mustang 3.8L V6 Exhaust Rev And Walk Around - SVT232V6
Exhaust rev and walk around vid of my 03 V6 Mustang. I have the infamous crack in one of my Exhaust manifolds which is that ticking sound that you hear, gonna get longtube headers and an H-Pipe/X-Pipe to fix that. Dual Borla catback Exhaust on the stock Y-Pipe. No other performance modifications to the car at the time of this video. Cosmetic additions are a Mach 1 chin spoiler, custom painted GT rims, painted interior, window scoops, Cobra tail lights, G-E side graphics, Roush rear valances, emblems and badging are from Autobadges.com.