04 v6 mustang vs 350 getting the Haters off me

04 v6 Mustang vs 350z with a message to all haters !!!!!!!!

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v6 mustang vs cobra
2004 Ford Mustang 232ci v6 Nitrous injected DOT street tire race car. Built and sponsored by Memory Lane Collision Repair. Grudge race vs built motor Nitrous injected 01 cobra at Sikeston dragstrip

2004 v6 mustang borla exhaust and take off
2004 v6 Mustang with MAC-cold air finderwell intake.Custom x-pipes no cats and BORLA 2.5 inch Exhaust with 4/inch tips

One BADASS V-6 Mustang Turbo
One BADASS V-6 Mustang turbo at 75-80 Dragway, keeping up and hangin in there right next to a V-8.

99-04 Mustang Acceleration Comparison V6 Untuned- V6Tuned- GT
Comparing my V6 Before it was tuned, to when it was tuned and finally comparing my tuned V6 to a GT. Nobody understands how much a tuner can change a car. This video clearly shows it. Everyone completely disregards a V6 when comparing to a GT, this video should prove you guys wrong. Show them this video everytime somebody gives you shit about your V6 :) *EDIT 2015* I still have my Mustang but with 4.10s, 275 rear tires, a limited slip differential, and a true dual catless x pipe set up. its easily faster than a stock Mustang GT automatic. clocks in low 6 0-60s all day and maybe even a high 5 if im really lucky. I have a 2006 corvette manual for my main sports car now, the Mustang is my daily. Watch my 60-150mph pull in the corvette!