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Burt Reynolds Introduces the NEW Bandit Trans Am
Bandit Edition Trans Am 1 of 77 signed by the Bandit himself Burt Reynolds.

American Muscle Cars Ireland Compiliation
Snipets from different shows and cruises AMCI attened over the last couple of years.

1975 Trans Am.....PhatDaddy racing Dave
this is an old match up between PhatDaddy and "The Dirty Biker"

Vinny Tran Duoc Li` Xi` Litte Saigon TET Dinh Hoi Xuan 2007
Vinny Tran Duoc Li` Xi` Tiec Tan Nien TET Dinh Hoi 2007 Little Saigon , California, USA ***************************************** From: Trung Hieu The giving of li xi or gifts of money to children during the festival of Tet (lunar new year) is a fine tradition. The intention is to wish them a happy and successful new year, but some adults can ruin children's innocent souls by the way their give out their money. My friend Trong Bao says that during Tet last year he gave VND50,000 to his nephew, but the boy received it with indifference, and could not even be bothered to thank him. "Later, I learned that colleagues of his father -- who is the boss of a privately owned computer firm -- often give the boy at least VND200,000, and the boy gets used to such gifts." In the first days of the new year, when children visit your home, you should give them li xi. And when you visit others, you should again give money to the children. If you don't give them anything, you may feel ashamed of yourself, but you will also feel embarrassed if people think your li xi is too little. Many children have now become rather cunning, as they are used to receiving large sums of li xi. My aunt Loan, a retired woman who is not rich, could only afford li xi envelopes worth VND1,000 each last year. As she is a residential group leader, many richer people in her neighbourhood visited her at Tet. Their children opened the envelopes immediately, then complained, "But I expected much more than this!" My aunt tried to smile but her smile was so sad. "This year I will glue down the envelopes to hide the shame of the poor," she says. "I consider giving gifts of money to children a joy of Tet. I know they think my gifts are too little, but I think it is more important to show goodwill." ***************************************** ... Tim` Hieu^?, Mua nha`, ban' nha`, dau^` Tu Dia Oc' tai Little Saigon - California - USA xin vao` trang web cua? chung' toi^ ...