2000 Chevrolet Malibu 3.1L Engine Knock

I have a Malibu with what sounds like the famous piston slap, however it doesnt go away. I replaced the lifters because I had to replace a leaking intake gasket anyway. It has new plugs and wires and has always made the sound even before replacing them. It sounds like it's coming from the top of the engine however I am open to any and all diagnostics. Please leave a comment. Thanks

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chevrolet malibu engine shuddering !!
I have Chevrolet Malibu 2000 with a v6 3.1 sfi engine, and it has been like one month and the engine started shuddering, it is becoming worst day by day, I replaced the spark plugs, engine mountings, ignition coils, fuel pump and I balanced tires, but still!! You can hear the weird sound from the Exhaust, and the smell of the gas coming out of the Exhaust is really strong!! Btw, the engine does not shudders contentiously! I dunno how to describe this, but it shudders then it stops then again it shudders then it stops! it starts shuddering when i accelerate normally but if i pushed the pedal to the limit the engine does not shudder!! Please help me to figure out what is the problem with my engine!? I spent more than 400$ trying to fix this problem!

Malibu or GM 3.1L Engine Coolant Leak Quick Fix
Malibu or GM 3.1L Engine Coolant Leak Quick Fix. A few mistakes here. It is a 3.1L not a 3.0. Found this before on YouTube not Ebay. This was a last minute thought to post to help others with this problem. I have more helpful videos to post, so be watching for them. Just want to update this post. The leak has increased twice, and repeating the procedure each time has helped, but it is clear that the intake manifold gasket must be replaced. It is now 3/14/2015, and the coolant is leaking about a pint per 100 miles. I am still trying to buy time until it is warmer out, so it will be easier to do the job myself. Update; It is now 4-19-2015. I am adding about a pint of coolant a day, which is about 60 miles of driving. There is also no oil to coolant leak or coolant to oil mixing. I have now dragged this out almost a year. It is starting to get warmer out, so I will soon tear down the engine and replace the intake manifold gasket set. I will try to do a video as I go and share it. Update; It is now 9-4-2015. I am still adding about 8 oz of water to the tank daily. We drive it average 50-60 miles daily. I don't want to do the job myself since I could easily run in to trouble and tie up My garage needed for other work. I will be taking it to a local garage for them to do it for Me. When it is done, I will post the results and cost. Update; It is now 09-17-15. I brought the car to a local garage to replace the lower intake manifold gaskets. cost $640. A new problem is there now, the engine light is on and an error code of 0171 is showing. They said to try the downstream O2 sensor. I ordered on Ebay $20 with free shipping. Not here yet. The leak is gone and the car is driveable. I notice a fair increase in power and rough idle intermittently. I hope the sensor will be the problem. Any input is welcomed.

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