Spinning in Kensington.

I have been sitting on this footage for a looooooong time. It's a spinning event that was held at a school in Kensington to raise funds. All of the top spinning guys rolled in for the day to shred some tires and put on a good show. Some of the clubs in attendance Top Dogz, Spin Trix, Cape Town Spinners, Kraaifontein Spinners, Hellride Spinners and a lot more individuals coming out to hoon.

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Eddie Rasta Spinning at Wheels of Fury
Local Cape Town Hero Eddie Rasta entertains the crowd at a jam packed Killarney Racetrack. Watch him perform his set at the Wheels of Fury Spinning pitch and wow the crowds with his stunts and exceptional driving skills.

Eddie Rasta & Austin | Final Sunday Session
Eddie Rasta & Austin entertain the crowd at The 2017 Vaal Spinfest Final Sunday Sessions at Masiza Stadium, Sebokeng on 9 July 2017.

BMW V8 vs FORD V6 | Victor Pardal & Eddie Rasta
Eddie Rasta & Victor Pardal share the same pitch & show us how to spin & drift at Masiza Stadium for the Vaal Spinfest 2017.

Eddie Rasta
Eddie Rasta - Top Value Motors Vereeniging