Alfa Romeo - historic racing in Spa Francorchamps

3h race in Spa Francorchamps, focus on: Alfa Romeo. DUNLOP FHR Langstreckencup

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Mini v Alfa Romeo: Epic 'Italian Job' chase
In our homage to the legendary Michael Caine film, the Italian job, in which Mini Coopers are chased by Italian Alfa ROmeo Police Cars, we look back at a classic head to head. Goodwood Revival 2015 sees a great battle between a Mini and Alfa during the St Mary’s Trophy - Mini battles to over take the Alfa, fails, keeps trying, then finally over takes… Just when you think it’s all winning, the Alfa takes over leaving the Mini to stay behind once again Official Website: http://grrc.goodwood.coM SUBSCRIBE for more great Goodwood Road & Racing videos here - Buy your Goodwood Racing tickets - Facebook: Twitter: G+:

Alfa trackday with beautiful classic Alfa GTA and GTA/m at Spa-Francorchamps 2013.

Giulia GTAm

Alfa Romeo GTAm in Spa Francorchamps Inboard
Alfa Romeo GTAm 1750 inboard in Spa Francorchamps beim 3h Rennen des DUNLOP FHR Langstreckencup